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Yokomo Competition Drift Springs Set

Competition Drift Springs Set
Competition Drift Springs Set
Competition Drift Springs Set
Competition Drift Springs Set
Competition Drift Springs Set
  • Brand: Yokomo
  • Model: D-185
  • SKU: 00130289
HKD 211.00
HKD 226.00
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This is Yokomo Competition Drift Springs Set.Introducing a new drift-specific spring that combines machine response and running stability! An unpainted spring that maximizes the characteristics of steel. The lineup is designed for competitive driving, and the progressive type, in which the winding pitch changes midway through, reliably maintains the vehicle height in rough areas, while bringing out the softness of traction in areas with multiple windings, making it ideal for use in the rear. When used on the front, it creates a smooth slide, and when used on the front, it creates a mild steering response. In addition, the rebound stroke can be used flexibly to handle roll movements and uneven road surfaces, allowing you to drive with a higher level of ground contact feeling. Basically, the total length is set at 26.5mm, but the total length is 28mm for the Φ1.3mm to make it easier to maintain the vehicle height.

The linearly wound Φ1.5mm spring is especially suitable for the front and can improve steering response. Even when you increase the response of the steering gyro when turning, etc., the responsiveness is so impressive that you can feel it.


  • For: RC Drift

  • Material: Steel

  • Color: Silver


  • Yokomo Competition Drift Springs (1 set)


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