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Tamiya Work Stand with Magnifying Lens

Work Stand with Magnifying Lens
Work Stand with Magnifying Lens
Work Stand with Magnifying Lens
Work Stand with Magnifying Lens
Work Stand with Magnifying Lens
Work Stand with Magnifying Lens
Work Stand with Magnifying Lens
Work Stand with Magnifying Lens
Work Stand with Magnifying Lens
  • Brand: Tamiya
  • Model: 74064
  • SKU: 00107913
HKD 601.00
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Greatly improved work efficiency! Space saving! Portable! Multi Functional! Maybe your eyes get tired when you handle small parts in model making? Don't worry because the work desk gets cluttered immediately. Did you want to organize your work space and make it compact? Do you want to move the place to the living room for a while? This work responds to the worries and small requests of such modelers. It is a stand (with a lens). The magnification of the magnifying lens is 2 times, and it is made of acrylic to ensure a wide and clear view. Your eyes will not get tired even working for long hours, and it is ideal for fine painting of figures and processing of etched parts. Equipped with a white LED that illuminates the room. With 4 single-type dry batteries, it lights continuously for 150 hours or more.

The arm with this lens and light is set on the base with convenient functions for model making. The Tamiya cutting mat fits the base and help preserving the base. It is possible to attach a clip that is convenient for fixing painted parts on both sides. Equipped with a decal dish that holds water when applying the decal. A slope that pulls up the decal is also attached to prevent the glue component from leaching out due to excessive immersion in water. Also included is a plate that prevents the parts from being scattered and lost when cutting small parts. In addition, a bottle holder for holding paint and cement bottles, a brush holder, a groove to prevent the parts from rolling, etc. , Full of functions that can reach the itchy place. It is cordless if you use a dry battery, so it is possible to move the work place from the study room to the living room. Work that expands the fun of model making not only for veteran modelers but also for beginner modelers Stand. Provides a model space that is not disturbed by anyone.

**Item included only the work stand, other items shown in the photo are for demonstration purpose only.**


    How to use each part:

  • Bottle holder: Can hold Tamiya cement square bottles, acrylic mini, and enamel paint bottles.
  • Clip holder: A clip for holding parts (sold separately) can be attached. Small Convenient when painting parts. Please purchase the clip from customer service.
  • Decal plate: Use by putting water in the deeper part when applying the decal. For the shallower one, pull up the decal soaked in water and moisturize the decal.
  • Cutting mat Waku: ITEM74056 Tamiya cutting mat A4 size (sold separately) fits perfectly. Semi-embedded type so you don't have to worry about the mat slipping during work.
  • Parts shatterproof plate : Prevents the parts from being repelled and flying when cutting out the parts. The plate is attached by bending the attached thick paper.Besides making scale models, the work stand (with lens) can be used for various other purposes such as lure making and bead processing. Please use it in various situations. !!


AA Batteries 4pcs

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