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Tamiya RC Tool Set (8pcs)

RC Tool Set (8pcs)
RC Tool Set (8pcs)
RC Tool Set (8pcs)
RC Tool Set (8pcs)
RC Tool Set (8pcs)
  • Brand: Tamiya
  • Model: 74085
  • SKU: 00028510
HKD 155.00
HKD 289.00
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Tamiya RC Tool Set (8pcs)


  • This new R/C Tool Set can is one that all R/C enthusiasts should have! You know that for building any R/C car, this set will help you get the job done. The 2mm Hex wrench comes in super handy for doing wheel changes with TamTech-Gear machines.
  • 1.5, 2, 2.5 Hex wrenches are made from Nickel chrome molybdenum steel.
  • Size 5 minus (-) screwdriver.
  • Size 5.5 & 7 Nut Driver.
  • Comes with a convenient driver stand.
  • Phillips L : For 3~5mm Screws
  • Flathead Screwdriver: For Adjust the (-) Screws
  • Nut Driver 5.5mm: For M3 (3 mm)Nuts
  • Nut Driver 7mm: For M4 (4 mm) Nuts
  • Hex. Wrench 1.5mm: For 3x3mm Set Screws
  • Hex. Wrench 2.0mm: For 3mm Hexagon Screws & 2.6mm Cap Screws
  • Hex. Wrench 2.5mm: For 3mm Cap Screws
  • Phillips M Tip (1 Pc)
  • Phillips L Tip (1 Pc)
  • Flathead Screwdriver Tip (1 Pc)
  • Nut Driver 5.5mm Tip (1 Pc)
  • Nut Driver 7mm Tip (1 Pc)
  • Hex. Wrench 1.5mm Tip (1 Pc)
  • Hex. Wrench 2.0mm Tip (1 Pc)
  • Hex. Wrench 2.5mm Tip (1 Pc)

  • Feature:

  • No1. and No.2 phillip head screwdrivers are made from Nickel chrome molybdenum steel.

  • Specification:

  • Phillips M : For 2.0~2.6mm Screws

  • Include:

  • Screwdriver Handle (1 Pc)

  • Specifications
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    Store AvailabilityYuen Long

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