The Smart Shipping Saver (SSS)

Let's be honest, everyone dislikes paying for shipping! When you are excited to add an incredibly cool new item to the cart and check it out, the expensive shipping fee is such a vibe killer.
We know it, and we do better in it! That's why we are proud to introduce our new shipping option-the "Smart Shipping Saver"(SSS)!

What Is the Smart Shipping Saver?

Over 9,000 products in line with the Smaller & Lighter shipping requirements will be marked with Smart Shipping Saver.
Find out more about SSS Products at
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Free Shipping for SSS-eligible items

>>Free shipping for orders over HKD$600 with all SSS-eligible merchandise(s)!<<

No matter how many Smart Shipping Saver products you got, the shipping free will always be $0!


Q1:Can I ship SSS-eligible items and ineligible items together?

: Of course!

Q2:How to calculate the shipping charge then? (SPRING X HKPOST)?

: If the total unit weight is less than 2KG, only +HKD$10 is required; if it exceeds 2KG, the HK Post shipping fee for the non-SSS product part needs to be calculated separately.: If the SSS product is in the same order as other products
- When the weight is less than 2KG, the flat rate shipping is HKD$10 (for SSS product + other products).
- When the weight exceeds 2KG, the shipping fee will be calculated according to the weight and volume of other products.

Q3:What should I choose when choosing a pickup method?

: When the order meets the conditions, the original HKPOST button will show a reminder with Smart Shipping Saver.

Case 1

Customers who purchase more than HKD$600 of SSS products, plus a few small RC parts, with a total weight of less than 2KG, will only be charged HKD$10 for shipping.

Case 2

Customers purchase SSS products with a total value of more than HKD$600, plus an RC car weighing 2.1 kg, with a total weight of 3.0 KG. Only the freight of the RC car will be charged for the whole order, it will be calculated for the shipping charge according to 2.1 kg.

Hope you all have a great shopping experience at rcMart! Please enjoy our new postage service "Smart Shipping Saver"!

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