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Serpent 1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP

1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP
  • Brand: Serpent
  • Model: 500016
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This is Serpent 1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP. The SRX2 Gen3 has been the most successful 2wd platform we have created to date. The customers, racers, and fans have been extremely pleased with the versatility, reliability and performance of the SRX2 Gen3. With the SRX2 Gen3 Team we wanted to push the envelope further, mainly focusing on flex, ease of use, and above all faster lap times. The next step in this products life cycle was to evolve it into an even more lethal on track racing machine. The SRX2 Gen3 Team continues its heritage of being our most universal car to date, sharing a substantial amount of parts from its predecessors, while getting needed performance upgrades. Here at Serpent’s Secret R&D office, we are un-rivalled in our interest to win, that’s a promise. Testing the SRX2 Gen3 has never stopped since its inception, and this new updated SRX2 Gen3 Team is deadlier than any previous version to date. We are confident it will improve your racing experience regardless of your skill level, whether you’re racing on or off the track…Guaranteed.…!!!!!

Its difficult to make game changing new features with every release, but we are confident we are pushing the design envelop forward . With that in mind, we will detail all the note worthy features that will influence your race results and put a smile on your face. Lets get started, shall we……

Maximum adjustable weight distribution

After multiple years of testing, on every surface we could find: carpet, dirt, astro-turf, wood and everything in between, it was decided that the chassis included in the kit should be the most versatile as possible. With that being the focal point, it was undeniable a chassis that had adjustable weight placement and weight plates needed to be included into the kit as standard. At the rear, 14 gram weights can be mounted for more rearward bias. However this SRX2 Gen3 Team chassis has an additional 4 choices when it comes to positioning weight. The Servo weight comes in an 8 gram aluminum weight as well as a 24 gram brass weight. The electronics weight comes in a 15 gram aluminum weight as well as a 45 gram brass weight. Regardless of what track racing condition or category you fall in, you can full adjust your weight distribution and push your setup to the master level.

It was time to move on from the older traditional holding system, that was standard for so long. The new system is much lighter in weight, saves even more space and is extremely easy to adjust on the fly. Held in place by 2 screws per side, you can easily shift the trays into 6 different positions. You can orient the holder’s rearward for the typical lower grip battery positions and for high grip applications you can flip the holders for the remaining 3 froward positions. The new holders clean up the assembly, look incredibly sexy and save weight all in the same time. We actually tested a large variety of battery holding systems, having each side independent and setting up the holders to allow float on the battery improved the flex tremendously.

Testing on a variety of surfaces really starts to expose things you need or would like to have. When running this new optional strap, the torsion flex at the rear end is increased, which gives even more available side grip in lower grip conditions. With more side grip faster lap times can be achieved, along with even more confidence when driving each and every lap. The side pods have been completely re-designed, in which it differs from the way we have done it in the past. The side pod itself is now separate from the front upper deck supports. This will allow us to make optional aluminum supports in the future, changing the flex characteristics of the front end. Also on the front supports we added the body mounts, and then coupled that with the rear mounts, no matter who mounts your body for you, it will always sit flat, front to rear and be properly positioned. Whether you use the body clips or not, the pegs can be used to ensure that the body will always have proper alignment. Aside from the above mentioned design changes, the overall cars width has been reduced. This reduction in width enhances flight/articulation over jumps as well as reduces chassis roll.

Based on our customer feedback for a car that can do it all in any condition. One area that needed to be adjustable was the flex in the chassis. We came up with a super stylish, yet ridiculously functional way to achieve this goal. Besides who doesn’t love the stunning appearance of a great looking weave, of course we are talking about carbon fiber here. The small panels are 2mm thick and bolt directly onto the side pods. If you’re a fan of a super stiff chassis, we are certain this will satisfy your needs. These side panels will be sold separately and can be found in our “Optional” section on the web site.

The previous SRX line of cars, there were some good things, so we kept those, namely mounting the lower bulkhead to the kick plate. This is simply the strongest way to do business and it also keeps it in place while doing any maintenance on the rest of the front end. We are including the aluminum front bulkhead to further increase strength. This will add more overall strength for frontal impacts when you are trying to move the car ahead, which has held you up for the last 3 minutes while you continue to lead the race. You can rest easy knowing how durable your new car is and drive it like a real animal. Unleash the real beast within you. In addition to the strength upgrades, we separated the front upper camber link mount from the lower and upper bulkheads. This allows the user to replace the parts independently if they strip out a camber link mounting hole and or the shock tower mounting holes. This also allows us to make an optional aluminum camber link mount in the future for weight distribution, alternate geometry and or to add more strength.

The original SRX2 steering was good at delivering your input at the radio to the wheels on the ground, with a no fuss, no feedback scenario. However, one issue it had was the steering bell crank arms were just too flexible. Well, we strengthened them. The good thing about this improvement is we took something good and made it great. Aside from that, we added one more Ackerman option, a “0 “, which will give you an even more smooth feel than the previous #1. This will now give you a full range, 0,1,2,3 on Ackerman side of things. There is nothing more comforting than knowing you have the most precise and tuned weapon on the battle field. This updated steering system, will not let you down when you are in the fiercest battle for a coveted win. 

Gull wing, straight arm, the debate will live on forever. However, now we offer both. There were many instances where the gull wing arm, offered handling advantages and the same could be said for straight arm. Not only did we make a new straight front arm, but we beefed up the inner boss around the hinge pin to increase the strength to ensure you finish every race you start.

In order for Serpent to progress, we had to accept the old front end geometry was more suited for a Rear Motor. So what did we do…. We tested until we were completely confident we had something that could propel us into the distant future. The end product was a new roll center. It also is a more adjustable and more durable front Caster block/Steering block assembly. You can now adjust the front roll center 3mm instead of the previous 1.5mm. We also increased the material around the bearings. We didn’t stop there though as we removed the outer 5x10x4 bearing and replaced it with a super long life 5x13x4. We added a vertical mounted ball stud for fine tuning the camber link/roll center. We changed the axle design so you can use a spacer between the axle and outer bearing. Other than giving more adjustability to the track width, you can now use any wheel on the market and be rest assured you can adhere to any rules and have highest performing scrub offset. Our new front is nothing shy of being a huge step forward. Progression is the name of the game, and that’s something we are no stranger’s too.

A New addition to the SRX2 Gen3 Team car is an all new front Anti-Roll bar/Camber link mount. We wanted to maximize durability, increase the support on the sway bar, and make removal and installation a breeze. The new mount can be swapped out for a standard version if no sway bar is needed in under a minute’s time. The ARB mount is super strong, and accepts various size sway bars from 0.9,1.0, and 1.1mm sizes. No matter what grip of Astroturf and Carpet you may encounter, the versatility will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

We know what it means to be able to work on your car, and to do it at break neck speeds. On our previous model, you had to completely remove the upper bulkhead to work on the bell crank and or remove the drag link. Well, we learned our lesson and jumped back into the meat grinder. We increased the area around the servo for wiring and also the ability to move the servo front to back. We coupled those improvements with easy access to the bell crank and the drag link, by way of a new upper bulkhead/top deck. You can get the servo in and out in a matter of seconds, whether you want to adjust the horn, or replace your servo.


  • Serpent 1/10 Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Team 2WD Buggy EP (1 set)


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Vehicle TypeBuggy
Drive Train2WD
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