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Revell 1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI

1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
1/24 VW Golf 1 GTI
  • Brand: Revell
  • Model: 07072
  • SKU: 00120135
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At the 1975 IAA, VW presented a vehicle that was initially developed without the knowledge of the Board of Management. This sporty offshoot of the Golf 1 offered the qualities that characterize a true sports car: a low curb weight paired with a powerful engine. Available from 1976, the outrageously fast GTI revolutionized the car world. Everyone now has an affordable sports car suitable for everyday use that can easily keep up with the expensive competition. The 110 hp GTI truly democratized the sports car sector. Wheel arch extensions, wider wheels, the large front spoiler and a red border around the front grille characterize the compact sports car, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 9.2 seconds and very quickly becomes an icon.

The kit comes with realistic rubber tires, transparent parts for windows and lights shields, and some sliver chrome plated light bucket and other parts, and a waterslide decal sheet for interior and detail.

This is a model kit needs assemble and paint.

Paint and glue are not included and need to purchase separately.


  • Faithfully reproduced body with typical wheel arch extensions
  • Separate, movable engine hood
  • Multi-part, detailed four-cylinder engine
  • Separate exhaust system
  • Detailed interior with instrument panel, seats and back seat
  • Typical steering wheel
  • Faithfully reproduced dashboard for left-hand drive or right-hand drive version
  • Movable wheels
  • Large front spoiler
  • Rubber-like tires
  • Instructions and authentic decals with different license plates (D, GB, F, NL, B, A, CH, I, S, DK)

Store AvailabilityYuen Long
Car BrandVolkswagen

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