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Brand: ob1 RC Model: BL-V31
ob1 RC 4 Channel LED Light Kit System V3.1 for Short Course/Monster/Tamiya Truck/Crawler #BL-V31 #BL-V31Description: This is ob1 RC 4 Channel LED Light Kit System V3.1.Functions: Steering (Left / Right winker lamp) Throttle (2-level brightness brake lamp) ..
HKD 230.00
Brand: ob1 RC Model: BL-V3.1MFC/V3.1S
ob1 RC V3.1MFC/V3.1S LED System For Tamiya 1/14 Tractor Truck For Tamiya MFC01 MFC03 #BL-V3.1MFC/V3.1S (FREE SHIP)Description:Light kit for Tamiya MFC01 and MFC03, compared to Tamyia's version this light kid offers a vast variety of different functions. Allowing you to customise your truck to..
HKD 701.00
Brand: ob1 RC Model: BL-V3.1S
ob1 RC V3.1S LED Light System For Tamiya Truck 1/14 Trailer #BL-V3.1SDescription:Light up your trailer with this light set from ob1 RC, featuring reverse, brake and indicator lights. Included are 4 led cables, you can plug up to 10 led light connectors into the main unit!..
HKD 358.00
Brand: ob1 RC Model: BL-V3.1M
ob1 RC V3.1M LED Light System For 1/14 Tamiya Tractor Truck #BL-V3.1MDescription:Light up your tractor with this light set from ob1 RC, featuring front amp, brake lamp, Aux lamp, fog lamp, roof lamp, reverse lamp, left and right signal lights. Included are 6 LED cables, the main unit s..
HKD 389.00
Brand: ob1 RC Model: BL-V30
ob1 LED Light Kit System for 1:10 RC Drifting Car V3.0 #BL-V30Description:This is ob1 RC Drift LED Light Kit System V3.0.-->For: 1:10 RC DRIFTING and TOURING Car Low Voltage Detection (LVD), Buzzer uses as audible alarm Flash mode (All LED), Press SET switch anytime (or use CH3) after ..
HKD 218.00
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ob1 RC Professional LED System for RC cars, crawler, tractor truck, monster truck, short course & other vehicles.

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