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Nexx Racing Gekko Maxx F8.5 Medium Front Tires 4 pcs For Mini-Z

Gekko Maxx F8.5 Medium Front Tires 4 pcs For Mini-Z
Gekko Maxx F8.5 Medium Front Tires 4 pcs For Mini-Z
Gekko Maxx F8.5 Medium Front Tires 4 pcs For Mini-Z
Gekko Maxx F8.5 Medium Front Tires 4 pcs For Mini-Z
Gekko Maxx F8.5 Medium Front Tires 4 pcs For Mini-Z
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This is Nexx Racing Gekko Maxx F8.5 Medium Front Tires 4 pcs For Mini-Z. GEKKO MAXX is a new line of high-performance tires specifically designed for Mini-Z racing on RCP carpet. Mini-Z racing involves small-scale, highly detailed radio-controlled cars, and the choice of tires is crucial for optimizing performance on RCP carpet tracks.

GEKKO MAXX series incorporates advanced technology and materials, such as the FKM compound, to enhance overall performance. The combination of durability and excellent grip is especially important for Mini-Z racing on RCP carpet, where precise control and traction are key factors.

The new FKM rubber compound of GEKKO MAXX tires helps maintain super grip even after completing over 200 laps or 20 minutes of race. This endurance in grip is a key performance metric, especially in racing scenarios where consistency in traction over an extended period is crucial. Achieving a super grip for such a duration indicates not only the initial high-performance capabilities of the tires but also their ability to sustain that level of traction over a significant distance.  GEKKO MAXX tires deliver reliable and consistent performance throughout extended races

The enhanced durability of GEKKO MAXX tires is a significant advantage for drivers. The fact that these tires can maintain super grip even after 200 laps not only speaks to their performance but also contributes to cost savings for drivers.


  • For: Mini-Z

  • Material: FKM Rubber Compound

  • Color: Black

  • Special FKM Compound: This innovative high-performance engineering plastic compound enhances the overall performance of the tires. After 2 years of research and development, the FKM compound with special mix of various rubber materials and additives provides excellent grip while maintaining durability, and therefore contributes to improved handling and control on RCP carpet tracks.

  • Chemical inertness: The material composition of the GEKKO MAXX tires includes components that are inherently resistant to chemical reactions. This prevents tires reaction to some cleaning chemicals such as acetones.

  • Cost Efficiency: With less frequent tire changes, drivers may spend less on purchasing replacement tires. This can lead to overall cost savings for drivers and teams participating in Mini-Z racing.

  • Consistent Performance: The sustained grip over an extended period ensures that drivers can maintain consistent performance throughout a race. This consistency is essential for achieving optimal lap times and competitive racing.

  • Driver Confidence: Knowing that the tires offer great durability and grip can boost driver confidence, allowing them to focus on racing strategies and performance rather than worrying about frequent tire changes.


  • Nexx Racing Gekko Maxx F8.5 Medium Front Tires (4 pcs)

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