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MTTR Racing Thread Locker Blue

Thread Locker Blue
Thread Locker Blue
Thread Locker Blue
Thread Locker Blue
Thread Locker Blue
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Tags: MTTR Racing , Glue
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This is MTTR Racing Thread Locker Blue. Securing metal to metal components during build and assembly is something every racer experiences on a routine basis. The MTTR Racing thread locking compound is an easy addition to the arsenal of pit accessories for building and maintenance of an RC vehicle. For screws,  to add a liberal amount of MTTR Racing adhesive to threaded area and roll against a mechanical towel or  to even out the application. The easy to use and re-useable bottle with secure lid helps maintain a tidy work area while at home or while on the road.


  • For: Metal Components


  • MTTR Racing Thread Locker Blue (1 pc)

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BrandMTTR Racing

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