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Madworks 0.3mm Chisel DLC Line Engravers Diamond-like Carbon Coating

0.3mm Chisel DLC Line Engravers Diamond-like Carbon Coating
0.3mm Chisel DLC Line Engravers Diamond-like Carbon Coating
  • Brand: Madworks
  • Model: Z50030DLC
  • SKU: 00115214
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D.L.C. (Diamond-like Carbon) coating is a protective coating for metal, often used on expensive watches.  When we applied this technology onto our blades, not only did we heighten their hardness, but we also create blades that are low-friction and fretting-resistance.  This means D.L.C. Line Engravers are sharp and easy to handle, taking you to a whole new level of scribing experience.


Attach the blade to a knife handle.  We recommend Tamiya 74098 or OFLA AK-4, as well as MADWORKS MH-01.  D.L.C. Line Engraver can scribe plastic model kits (ABC/PVC), resin kits, and epoxy kits.  Make sure the blade follow the contour of the scribing surface.  Do not use excessive force.  Excess impact may damage the blade.


Z50010 (0.1mm) | Z500125 (0.125mm)

Z50015 (0.15mm) | Z50020 (0.2mm)

Z50030 0.3mm) | Z50040 (0.4mm)

Z50050 (0.5mm)




Children 12 or under must obtain the help of an adult assistant.

D.L.C. Line Engraver is a precision tool.  Do not drop and avoid heavy impact.  Under normal operation the blades can last two or more years.

Rust treatment has been applied to the metal surface.  Keep in a dry place.  Do not impact with other metal surfaces. Apply silicone grease/oil regularly for rust prevention and maintenance.

D.L.C. Line Engraver is designed to be used on plastic / resin / epoxy surface.  Do not use on metal surface as this will damage the blade.​​

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