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KO Propo EX-NEXT 2.4GHz 8-Channel Normal Grip Transmitter w/ Mini- Z EVO Receiver Set

EX-NEXT 2.4GHz 8-Channel Normal Grip Transmitter w/ Mini- Z EVO Receiver Set
EX-NEXT 2.4GHz 8-Channel Normal Grip Transmitter w/ Mini- Z EVO Receiver Set
EX-NEXT 2.4GHz 8-Channel Normal Grip Transmitter w/ Mini- Z EVO Receiver Set
EX-NEXT 2.4GHz 8-Channel Normal Grip Transmitter w/ Mini- Z EVO Receiver Set
EX-NEXT 2.4GHz 8-Channel Normal Grip Transmitter w/ Mini- Z EVO Receiver Set
  • Brand: KO Propo
  • Model: KO-10680
  • SKU: 00112183
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This is KO Propo EX-NEXT 2.4GHz 8-Channel Normal Grip Transmitter w/ Mini- Z EVO Receiver Set. This transmitter/receiver set includes the MINI-Z EVO Receiver Unit EX-NEXT MC-8, which can be used with the MINI-Z EVO. The evolved EX-NEXT's high-speed response can be used with the MINI-Z EVO.

You can choose and use from "XT advanced mode" which is the world record response for one way communication and "XT telemetry mode" which is compatible for Telemetry ( 2 ways communication). In addition, starting with Update Ver. 2.00, a new "MINI-Z Mode" has been implemented to support MINI-Z.

EX-NEXT was newly developed by reviewing the design of the control and communication systems from the ground up. It achieves the industry's fastest communication speed and high resolution. In MINI-Z Mode, it outperforms FHSS such as the EX-RR, which has been the fastest.The EX-NEXT's high-speed communication increases the density of information that can be transmitted to the machine. You can experience the "fine and smooth control feeling" brought about by unprecedented high-definition, high-resolution control.

This product is not dedicated to MINI-Z. When combined with the KR-420XT receiver can also be used with general-purpose RC cars without the need to change the firmware. The combination of the ultra-fast XT Advanced Mode, the bi-directional XT Telemetry Mode, and the serial servo 4S allows you to experience the dramatic evolution of high-speed performance from FHSS. For details, please refer to the product page of the set with KR-420XT.

The EX-NEXT allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the gyro installed in the MINI-Z from the transmitter at hand. The sensitivity can be adjusted using the 3CH/4CH "GYRO" function. The sensitivity can be easily adjusted from the control console without connecting the machine to a PC, allowing fine adjustments while running the machine.

Equipped with a vibration motor that has been requested. This can be used for alarms that notify the running time and alerts for various sensors. In addition, the LED on the front of the master unit is a full-color LED. The radio wave mode in use and the alert content of the vibration motor can now be identified by the LED lighting pattern.

Prevents deterioration of durability and operational feeling due to wear, which can be said to be the problem of contact sensors. Along with smooth operation feeling by smoother sliding, we realize high durability that is approximately 100 times compared with the prior sensor. Therefore, the best feeling of operation can be maintained for a long time. In addition, the new sensor outputs a more linear signal to the Master Unit. You can control the ESC and servo with a detailed operation sense. A realization of a sense of unity between people and cars.

The number of ball bearings supporting the steering shaft has been increased from one to two. The double-support type supports higher precision operation and reliability.The normal spring included in the extension unit has been modified. The previous spring used was a progressive spring becoming stiffer as the wheel angle increased, but the new softer spring give a linear stiffness as the wheel angle increases. Since the spring tension can be adjusted, you can set the spring tension to your personal preference.


  • Equipped with a new standard "XT" that achieves the fastest communication speed in the industry​.

  • XT Advanced Mode, XT Telemetry Mode

  • Adjust the Gyro sensitivity at the Transmitter

  • Intuitive alert function with vibration and full-color LED

  • Can be replaced with the Color Grip2 of your choice

  • Superior durability and operation feeling led by new angle sensor

  • Increased the number of ball bearings that support the steering shaft for higher accuracy

  • The soft spring which can be operated with a constant tension


  • Dimensions: 240.5 x 163.0 x 107.2mm (Does not include protrusions)

  • Weight: 551g (battery not included)

  • Power supply: AAA size dry battery, Ni-MH battery x4 (sold separately), Li-Fe battery (2cell 6.6V)(sold separately), Li-Po battery (2cell 7.4V)(sold separately)

  • Current: 200mA or less

  • Channel: PWM 4ch/ Serial 8ID *Maximum setting ID number of serial are different by each products.

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz

  • Radio Mode: XT

  • Model memory 50

  • Compatible receiver: KR-420XT, MINI-Z EVO Receiver Unit EX-NEXT MC-8


  • Master Unit EX-NEXT (1 pc)

  • LCD Xpansion Unit2 EXP-201 (1 pc)

  • Aluminum Steering Wheel5 (1 pc)

  • Drop Extension Unit 2.1 (1 pc)

  • Expert grip unit 2 (White) (1 pc)

  • MINI-Z EVO Receiver Unit EX-NEXT MC-8 (1 pc)

BrandKO Propo
Channel4 Ch or above

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