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Jconcepts Tribute 73s Monster Truck Black Rim Set

Tribute 73s Monster Truck Black Rim Set
Tribute 73s Monster Truck Black Rim Set
Tribute 73s Monster Truck Black Rim Set
Tribute 73s Monster Truck Black Rim Set
Tribute 73s Monster Truck Black Rim Set
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This is Jconcepts Tribute 73s Monster Truck Black Rim Set. The Tribute 73 wheel by JConcepts packs an assortment of options in to a design and style that mimics the golden age of monster truck competition. With a list of design considerations, the team went to work on a simple and durable one-piece 3.2” bead size wheel design that was first stout and second versatile. It was important to incorporate an adaptor which could alter the offset but also maintain a certain look made popular in the hard-core golden age of monster truck display and competition. The step design reduces weight but also adds rigidity for the ultimate bash and play wheel.

The Tribute 73 wheel includes three off-set wheel adaptors. 11mm width for a stock Clod Buster or retro Regulator type monster truck width, 18mm for increased stability on standard wheelbase trucks and 25mm for the ultimate in footing for longer, larger truck builds. The adaptors are installed with 6 x 2.5 x 12mm screws and center precisely on the wheel for positive engagement. The wheels include open and closed planetary caps which attach with 6 x 2.5 x 8mm screws. The planetary caps support a scale look as well as a quick-change function to suit individual needs. 

Also included is a pair of steel, serrated, 4mm thin pattern locknuts for greater security. The Tribute 73 wheels are available in white, black, and gray colors to match any color scheme or realistic build. The overall width of the wheels is true to scale which allows a more compact design and included reinforcement ribs on the inside help reduce hub flex. Tribute 73, 3.2” wheels are built just for Golden 73 tires (#4037) and are not interchangeable with any other 2.6” bead tires.

The product is always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style and authenticity. JConcepts wheels are molded in exclusive materials which are world proven for performance, driven, and tested by experts in the industry. Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic products – choose JConcepts.


  • For: RC Monster Truck

  • Material: Plastic

  • Color: Black

  • One-piece, 3.2” diameter and 3.6” width

  • Durable design and material

  • Includes multiple off-set wheel adaptors

  • Closed and open planetary caps included

  • Complete installation hardware

  • Monster style and performance


  • Jconcepts Tribute 73s Monster Truck Black Rim (1 set)


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