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Fujimi Rilakkuma and Kiiroi Tori

Rilakkuma and Kiiroi Tori
Rilakkuma and Kiiroi Tori
Rilakkuma and Kiiroi Tori
Rilakkuma and Kiiroi Tori
Rilakkuma and Kiiroi Tori
Rilakkuma and Kiiroi Tori
Rilakkuma and Kiiroi Tori
Rilakkuma and Kiiroi Tori
Rilakkuma and Kiiroi Tori
  • Brand: Fujimi
  • Model: 17076
  • SKU: 00108142
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Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori are coming to your room! No tools required for assembly. All parts are snap type. Comes with pre-colored plastic parts and stickers, no painting required.

Rilakkuma, a bear in a costume, suddenly appears at the house of Kaoru (single), an office lady who works in Tokyo.

Its contents and identity are a mystery.

She is 165 cm tall, her age and gender are unknown, and her favorite foods are pancakes, dumplings, pudding, and omelet rice.

There's a zipper on her back, and you can see polka-dotted clothes, so she's certainly not real.

Kaoru's pet Kiiroitori. She does household chores such as cleaning.

He often comes out of the birdcage and scolds Rilakkuma for being lazy.

Her hobbies are saving and cleaning.

- The product is designed to be easily completed without painting with colored plastic parts and pre-cut stickers.

- No adhesive is required for assembly, just snap in the parts.

Consideration is given so that parts can be removed by hand even if there is no nipper from the parts frame.

- By adopting ball joints and polycaps, you can move your head, hands, and feet freely, so you can take various poses.

- It can be attached neatly by adopting a familiar real sticker.

- Two types of mouths are recorded to be reproduced with real stickers, and the eyes can be selected from two types of plastic parts for various facial expressions.

Two white nose parts are enclosed, and a sticker is attached to each part so that it can be replaced later.

- The size after completion is Rilakkuma (height 145 mm, width 110 mm, thickness 80 mm) Kiiroitori (height 55 mm, width 55 mm, thickness 50 mm).

- The number of parts is Rilakkuma (33 points + 3 points for facial expression selection) and Kiiroitori (12 points).

The Ptimo series is a color molded snap-fit figure kit that does not require adhesive or painting.

Series TitleRilakkuma

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