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Hasegawa 1/48 F-22 Raptor

1/48 F-22 Raptor
1/48 F-22 Raptor
1/48 F-22 Raptor
1/48 F-22 Raptor
1/48 F-22 Raptor
1/48 F-22 Raptor
1/48 F-22 Raptor
1/48 F-22 Raptor
1/48 F-22 Raptor
1/48 F-22 Raptor
1/48 F-22 Raptor
1/48 F-22 Raptor
1/48 F-22 Raptor
  • Brand: Hasegawa
  • Model: 07245
  • SKU: 00107017
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The F-22 Raptor is an air superiority fighter of the United States Air Force, as a successor to the F-15C Eagle.

The aircraft developed based on the Advanced Tactical Fighter Plan,

Same as F-35, Su-47 Berkto experimental machine, etc.

It is a 5th generation jet fighter.

The feature of this machine is that it has the best stealth performance in the world.

The radar cross section is said to be about a small bird,

It doesn't seem to react to the radar of a fighter in flight.

In addition, Supersonic speed cruising (supercruise) is possible without an afterburner.

All armament-related items are stored in the fuselage's armament bay (weapon bay).

Open the door underneath the body and fire each armament only when in use.

The kit pursues the reproduction of the radio wave absorption sheet and the expression of the surface of the aircraft.

Inside the cockpit, inside the air duct, inside the weapon bay,

The details inside the leg storage are precisely made into parts.

The flaperon of the main wing can be selected between the down state and the normal state.

The VT (thrust vectoring) nozzle is a selection type of two parts with different mounting angles.

A seated pilot figure (helmet can be selected from 2 types) is included.

Weapon Bay, which is one of the highlights of this machine, can be selected to assembly as opened or closed.

Armed with AIM-9X (2 shots) and AIM-120C (6 shots).

There are 3 types of decals can be set from the aircraft belonging to the US Air Force:

1st Combat Wing 94th Combat Squadron "Hat in the Ring" 1FW Commander "FF 1FW" (2009) 192FW Commander / 302FS Squadron Commander / 49FW Commander


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