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Brand: Nunu Model: NE24042
Description:Detail up parts for Nunu PN24042 1/24 BMW M6 GT3 2020 Nurburgring Endurance Series Champion Balkenhorst Motorsports model kit.***Please note the item only included one set of the detail up parts, other figures and parts shown in the pictures are for demonstration purpose...
HKD 124.00 HKD 137.00
Brand: Nunu Model: PN24042
Description:Nunu brings up the 1/24 BMW M6 GT3 2020 Nurburgring Endurance Series Champion Balkenhorst Motorsports, with the new published decal sheet. The kit comes with realistic rubber tires, transparent parts for windows and lights shields, and some sliver chrome plated light bucket and other par..
HKD 239.00 HKD 265.00
Brand: Nunu Model: NE24037
Description:This is the detail up parts for the Nunu PN24037, 1/24 BMW 320si E90 2008 WTCC plastic model kit. The kit has to be purchase seperately...
HKD 115.00 HKD 127.00
Brand: Nunu Model: PN24009
Description:The cars participating in the World Rally Championship (WRC), which is started in 1973, have changed in various ways depending on the regulation of the FIA. The Group B brought a great fever by its superfluity power and performance since 1983. One of the manufacturers that sent a powerfu..
HKD 225.00 HKD 250.00
Brand: Nunu Model: NE24041
Description:This is a detail improvement part for BMW 320i E46 reproduced in 1/24 scale. In addition to a set of photo-etched parts that create a sharp finish for each part, we also have a set of seat belts, carbon decals, etc. that realistically reproduce the area around the cockpit seat.***Please ..
HKD 109.00 HKD 123.00
Brand: Nunu Model: PN24041
Description:This is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the BMW 320i Super Production that won the 2001 Macau Gear Race. The E46 form is realistically modeled with the quality of nunu, which is popular among car model fans. Modeled after the machine won by Dutchman Duncan Huysman. Not only ..
HKD 265.00 HKD 294.00
Brand: Nunu Model: PN24034
Description:The Volvo S40 competed in the British Touring Car Championship(BTCC) in 1997 and won the race at Brands Hatch on September 7th. The engine mounted on the front was an in-line 5-cylinder 1999cc and backed down to the very limit of the front bulkhead, which was a distinctive feature. In 19..
HKD 256.00 HKD 284.00
Brand: Nunu Model: NE24032
Description:Detail-up Parts for 1/24 MITSUBISHI LANCER TURBO '85 HONGKONG-BEIJING RALLY..
HKD 128.00 HKD 134.00
Brand: Nunu Model: PN24032
Description:This is a plastic model kit for Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo in 1985 Hong Kong – Beijing Rally.The Hong Kong– Beijing Rally was held from September 15 to 19. It was the first rally race held in China, started from Hong Kong and aimed to the capital Beijing for 34,000 km. Among the WRC's top c..
HKD 237.00 HKD 249.00
Brand: Nunu Model: PN24031
Description:On November 10th, 1985, that Japanese domestic manufacturer showed off its power in the Group A International Touring Car Endurance Championship, INTER TEC, held in Japan’s Fuji Speedway circuit. The Japan Group A touring car racing series started in 1985 under the influence of its overs..
HKD 232.00 HKD 258.00
Brand: Nunu Model: PN24033
Description:A competitive evolution of BMW's 320 in touring car race!!About the actual vehicle:Touring car races, which are the closest to commercial cars and compete with familiar vehicles, have always been very popular among motorsport fans worldwide. BMW has continued to play an active role in th..
HKD 232.00 HKD 258.00
Brand: Nunu Model: PN24016
Description:One of the vehicles that participated in the Spa 24 Hours in 1989, known as the endurance race for touring cars, is the Toyota Tom'S Corolla Levin AE92.It is a Group A specification developed based on Toyota's sporty car, Corolla Levin's AE92 type, and is equipped with an in-line 4-cylin..
HKD 232.00 HKD 258.00
Brand: Nunu Model: PN24025
Description:This is a 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the Toyota Corolla Levin AE92 Group A specifications that were active in the 1991 JTC and All Japan Touring Car Championship races.The finished overall length is 180mm and the overall width is 70mm, and its sporty body style..
HKD 232.00 HKD 258.00
Brand: Nunu Model: PN24021
Description:The JACCS Civic of Mooncraft Team made an entry to the Group A JTC(Japanese Touring Car Championship) in 1992. Sponsored by JACCS, it was driven by Naoki Hattori and Katsumoto Kaneishi. The first half of the season was using the EF9 type, which debuted in 1990. The powerful B-16A engine ..
HKD 232.00 HKD 258.00
Brand: Nunu Model: NE24019
Description:Make your 1/24 HONDA CIVIC EF9 more realistic with these detail-up parts! The Photo-etched parts make the exterior much sharper.This is a detail up parts set only. The part suits the kit should be purchase seperately...
HKD 107.00 HKD 119.00
Brand: Nunu Model: PN24023
Audi, which introduced 4WD to the World Rally Championship for the first time and opened its history, sent out the WRC for the 1984 season and the Sports Quattro S1 to the World Rally Championship.It is a machine developed from Quattro, which entered the WRC's first 4WD machine in 1981, in accordanc..
HKD 224.00 HKD 249.00
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