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Brand: TTRCSport Model: PUBG0006
Description:Are you ready to build a beast ground up part by part with your bare hands? Not wanting to drive it today and looking for a cheaper alternative? Great value added with motor and servo included in box! You found it! The Official PUBG Buggy is in KIT form!!! Build this awesome vehicle the ..
HKD 885.00
Brand: TTRCSport Model: PUBG0003
Description:Look out 4x4 American Pick Up! Another option is in town! Our 2nd Journey, the officially licensed PUBG Military Vehicle by TTRCSport. Military Vehicle is alive and willing to track down its counterpart 4x4 on the streets, mountain paths and rugged terrains. Use this and the 4x4 to creat..
HKD 1,481.00
Brand: TTRCSport Model: PUBG0005
Description:Its here! The mothership has landed! Look out 4x4 & Military Vehicles! Our 3rd Journey, the Officially Licensed PUBG Buggy by TTRCSport. Slash around terrain, hide and ambush your enemy and go after 4x4 American Pick Up & PUBG Military Vehicles. Epic journeys on ripping up terrain and tr..
HKD 1,403.00 HKD 1,482.00
Brand: TTRCSport Model: PUBG0001
TTRCSport PUBG 1/12 4x4 American Pickup Truck RTR EP #PUBG0001International Order:   Please note this item with Li-ion battery and will be shipped separately among your order items with FedEx Economy at no extra charge. All other items will be shipped with your choice of delivery. **IMPORTANT NOTI..
HKD 1,482.00 HKD 1,716.00
Brand: TTRCSport Model: PUBG0001A
TTRCSport PUBG 1/12 4x4 American Pickup Truck RTR EP w/o Battery #PUBG0001ADescription: This is TTRCSport PUBG 1/12 4x4 American Pickup Truck RTR EP w/o Battery...
HKD 1,403.00 HKD 1,482.00
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TTRCSport is a team deeply dedicated and involved with RC development. Their dream is of Hobby Excellence and deliver fun to you. With their experience, they do pride ourselves in making extremely detailed and great engineered RC vehicles with top level performance by using high quality parts that can be a treat for a beginner or a seasoned expert. Their designs and what is delivered right of the box reflects this.

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