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Brand: Element Model: 42335
Description:This is Element Enduro SE Ring & Pinion Set...
HKD 189.00 HKD 234.00
Brand: Element Model: 40118
Description:This is Element Enduro Bushido 1/10 4X4 Trail Truck RTR Rock Crawler EP w/ 2.4GHz Radio. ALL IN THE DETAILS. Modeled after the small 1980s 4x4 kei car designs out of Japan, the Bushido features awesome looks on a capable chassis. The single-piece polycarbonate body comes prepainted with ..
HKD 2,839.00 HKD 4,571.00
Brand: Element Model: 40107
Description:This is Element Enduro SE Sendero 1/10 4WD RTR Trail Truck w/ 2.4GHz Radio. The original Enduro is back with a fresh new look! Inspired by 80s and 90s truck styling, the Enduro SE, Sendero boasts detailed and realistic-looking features. Made from high-strength polycarbonate, the one-piec..
HKD 2,129.00 HKD 3,432.00
Brand: Element Model: 40117
Description:This is Element Enduro Ecto Trail Truck 4x4 Green Version 1/10 RTR Rock Crawler EP w/ 2.4GHz Radio. A PERFORMANCE RIG BUILT TO ENDURE. When hitting the trail, you want to do it with performance, confidence--and look good in green! Aimed at the serious RC rock crawler enthusiast, the new ..
HKD 2,900.00 HKD 4,680.00
Brand: Element Model: 40115
Description:This is Element 1/10 Enduro Knightrunner 4x4 Blue Trail Truck RTR EP w/ 2.4GHz Radio. Keeping it real. The Knightrunner 4X4 RTR features injection-molded grill, mirrors, door handles, wipers, and more to heighten the scale realism of the thermoformed polycarbonate blue body designed by J..
HKD 3,123.00 HKD 5,070.00
Brand: Element Model: 42273
Description:This is Element Enduro Gatekeeper Nose Set. The Element Enduro Gatekeeper Nose is an optional upgrade for the Gatekeeper cage that has been designed to offer improved impact resistance and thermal stability...
HKD 72.00 HKD 101.00
Brand: Element Model: 42163
Description:This is Element Enduro Ecto Decal Sheet...
HKD 78.00 HKD 109.00
Brand: Element Model: 42162
Description:This is Element Enduro Ecto Body Accessories Set...
HKD 83.00 HKD 117.00
Brand: Element Model: 20182
Description:This is an Element RC Enduro24 Trailrunner 1/24 4WD RTR Scale Mini Trail Truck with included 2.4GHz Radio. Element has already shown the fun and versatility of the Trailrunner with it''s 10th scale line-up, but they want to make sure everyone gets in on the crawling action. The redesigne..
HKD 550.00 HKD 1,217.00
Brand: Element Model: 40105
Description:The Element Enduro Sendero HD 4x4 RTR 1/10 Rock Crawler combines the features that make the Enduro platform great, and adds updated electronics, updated plastics, and an awesome HD high strength body with bed cage to create the next generation Enduro.The proven Stealth X gearbox features..
HKD 2,669.00 HKD 4,290.00
Brand: Element Model: 20180
Description:The Element Enduro24 Sendero 1/24 4WD RTR Scale Mini Trail Truck is a blast to drive! Whether it''s outside on the trail or in the comfort of your own living room, there''s no doubt this little rig will overcome the challenge. This small-scale, 4-wheel-drive crawler comes equipped with m..
HKD 520.00 HKD 772.00
Brand: Element Model: 40104
Description:The Element Enduro Trailrunner 4x4 RTR is inspired by today''s off road vehicles, with the most detailed and realistic body Element has produced to-date. The Trailrunner 4x4 body was designed for looks, function and customization featuring a two-piece design with removable front lower va..
HKD 2,700.00 HKD 4,602.00
Brand: Element Model: 42132
Description:This is an optional pack of Element RC Clear Inner Fenders, intended for use with the Element Enduro Sendero. This clear option helps to provide an improved scale look, with the benefit of added protection to the chassis components.  ..
HKD 189.00 HKD 234.00
Brand: Element Model: 42034
Description:The Element RC Stealth X Gearbox Kit is a complete transmission kit. This kit includes all the components and hardware needed to build the Stealth X transmission in standard, overdrive 1, and overdrive 2 configurations. Plus both top shafts needed for motor forward, or rear positions. ..
HKD 416.00 HKD 515.00
Brand: Element Model: 42131
Description:The Element RC Sendero Utility Bed features a simple design that is easy to assemble and fits right onto the stock Sendero body posts. Constructed of plastic and high-strength polycarbonate, the Sendero Utility Bed is both lightweight and durable...
HKD 283.00 HKD 351.00
Brand: Element Model: 42011
Description:This is a set of Element RC Hard Frame Mounting Plates, intended for use with the Element Enduro. These optional parts have been molded out of hard plastic, making them ideal for warm or hot conditions to minimize flex. ..
HKD 52.00 HKD 55.00
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Element RC was created with the RC adventure enthusiast in mind, a brand committed to providing adventurers with an experience, a story to tell, and memories that will last a lifetime. Established by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, Your journey begins here!

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