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Brand: Bandai Model: 5065098
Description:From the Gaiden project "SD Gundam World Heroes THE LEGEND OF DRAGON KNIGHT" comes the "SDW HEROES Dominant Superior Darkness Dragon"! The wing and tail parts are articulated with ball joints, allowing you to display them with different expressions. Clear purple palm parts are include..
HKD 94.00 HKD 104.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5065091
Description:From "Super Robot Wars OG", the personal trooper "Huckebein Mk-II", which was developed as a successor to Huckebein, is rolled out in the HG series with abundant weapons! Movable gimmicks built in various places produce dynamic action. Gimmicks mounted on the chest, abdomen, and wais..
HKD 327.00 HKD 363.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5065022
Description:Blue-Eyes White Dragon, one of the most popular monsters from "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters", is three-dimensionalized in the Figure-rise Standard Amplified series! "Amplify" the charm of the character with a new interpretation design arrangement unique to the plastic model. Metallic blue..
HKD 374.00 HKD 415.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5065094
Description:BANDAI SPIRITS' new brand of official material parts "Customize Material"! "Chain parts / multi-joint" is now available in the customized material series that is ideal for 1/144 scale models, where even beginners can easily add details! Two types of chain parts, one made of metal and..
HKD 49.00 HKD 54.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5065093
Description:A weapon set that aggregates the armaments of the "Boundary Senki" series is now available! Enjoy the original arrangement of plastic models in combination with various aircraft! A set that includes winch units, laser cannons, swords, and other armaments for mass-produced machines of ..
HKD 113.00 HKD 126.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 87594WO
Description:The 2nd installment of the "FW GUNDAM CONVERGE: CORE Mobile Suit Gundam REAL TYPE 5 Body Set (Released in November 2019)", which contains popular aircraft from the One Year War as "Real Type", is now available! Gouf (real type), GM (real type) and Zaku I (real type) are available! Mar..
HKD 240.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5064017
Description:A new variation "Reaper specification" appears in the "Spinatia" of the 3rd Force Maxion Army! All-in-one item that includes the main body, armor parts, and weapon parts. There is no pinching during assembly while making the most of the range of motion. Attached weapons can be rearra..
HKD 112.00 HKD 124.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 61430
Description:"Gundam Development Plan" The secret agreement "Gerbera Tetra", which was disguised as the base of the phantom prototype No. 4 and was transferred to the Delers Fleet, is now available at ver. A.N.I.M.E.! The assault aircraft "Gundam Prototype Unit 4 Gerbera" originally developed by A..
HKD 538.00 HKD 598.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 63906
Description:Festering Fingerprint Vyke from "ELDEN RING" has been made into a figure! The first figure in the S.H.Figuarts "ELDEN RING" series! A variety of optional parts, such as "Vyke's War Spear" and "The Flame of Frenzy" effect. In addition to full body movement, the use of soft materials in..
HKD 441.00 HKD 490.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5065018
Description:BANDAI SPIRITS official material parts new brand "Customize Material"! "3D metallic seal" is now available in the customized material series that is ideal for 1/144 scale models, where even beginners of customization can easily add details! A three-dimensional plastic sticker with a m..
HKD 39.00 HKD 43.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5065019
Description:BANDAI SPIRITS official material parts new brand "Customize Material"! "3D lens seal" is now available in the customized material series that is ideal for 1/144 scale models, so even beginners of customization can easily add details! Seal which printed mold design in the depths of thr..
HKD 39.00 HKD 43.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5062005
Description:"Nippers", "tweezers" and "parts separators" that are indispensable for plastic model production are now available as a set! Basic specifications recommended for plastic model beginners. Nippers for those who purchase plastic models for the first time are exclusively for plastic mode..
HKD 105.00 HKD 117.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 87679WO
Description:GaoGaiGo appears in Super Mini-Pla limited to Premium Bandai! With the newly modeled "Kakuseijin Gai-go" as the core, the successive Gao machines "Stealth Gao II", "Liner Gao II", and "Drill Gao II" have been commercialized as a premium limited edition set. "Kakuseijin Gai-Go" can be ..
HKD 707.00 HKD 785.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 64047
Description:Thanatos, the god of death, one of the twin gods close to Hades, appears in Saint Cloth Myth EX! Like Hypnos, the god of sleep, an EX METAL body has been introduced, greatly improving both holding power and proportions. A cloth robe, a hard harp, and a Pandora (childhood) minifigure ..
HKD 1,566.00 HKD 1,740.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5064247
Description:Effect Parts Set for Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Blade.**Please note the Kamen Rider Blade Figure sold Separately**..
HKD 194.00 HKD 215.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5064256
Description:The 5th Figure-rise Standard Digimon series! Angel type Digimon "Angemon" appears with design and proportions based on anime settings! All six wings are individually movable. By connecting the ball joints at the base of each wing, it is possible to create detailed expressions when po..
HKD 188.00 HKD 209.00
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Bandai is a Japanese toy maker and a producer of many plastic model kits. It is Japan's largest toy maker and the world's fourth-largest toy maker as of 2018 after The Lego Group, Mattel and Hasbro. Some ex-Bandai group companies produce anime and tokusatsu programs. Gundam Gunpla can be classified by Real Grade (RG), High Grade (HG), Advance Grade (AG), Master Grade (MG), Perfect Grade (PG)

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