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Brand: Bandai Model: 5060771
Description:This model kit of the beloved Pikachu from "Pokemon" is part of a brand-new lineup from Bandai! It assembles fast and easy, with just 15 pre-colored parts and a minimum amount of stickers. Tools aren't necessary to remove the parts from the sprues, too, making it perfect for anyone wh..
HKD 48.00 HKD 53.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5061798
Description:Greninja is the latest addition to the Pokemon Plastic Model Collection, which combines an easy-to-assemble parts structure with color-coding and movement! The arms and legs are movable to allow for various poses. Two types of effect parts are included in clear molding for a sense of ..
HKD 88.00 HKD 97.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5058288
Description:This cute Reshiram Pokeman kit comes with 'PokePura' action which means it is designed so the wings flap when you move the head back and forth. All parts are molded in color and snap fit together so no paint or glue are required. Stickers for the eyes are also included...
HKD 56.00 HKD 62.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5058286
Description:This simple snap-fit plastic kit set allows modelers to build a slightly articulated 12cm Lugia. All parts come molded in color and a sheet of stickers is provided for detail so no painting is required. A display base with stand is included. Includes exploded-view pictorial-type instr..
HKD 56.00 HKD 62.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5062008
Description:The adorable Mimikyu joins the 'Pokemon Plamo Collection Quick!!' series of plastic model kits from Bandai! This easy-to-assemble kit has parts that have been carefully divided for easy assembly and a colorful finish with no extra work...
HKD 48.00 HKD 53.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5059017
Description:Saber-class Servant Souji Okita from "Fate/Grand Order" joins Bandai's Petitrits line of figure kits!This easy-to-build kit captures all of Souji Okita's characteristic traits, and features a posable upper body so you can control the position of her arms. Her specially designed ba..
HKD 102.00 HKD 114.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5055899
Description:This LED light set includes 2 white LED lights, which can be powered by a battery box with a switch...
HKD 146.00 HKD 162.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5057497
Description:Gundam decal sheet recommended for use on HGUC Zudah, Gyan, and Dom/Rick Dom model kits...
HKD 29.00 HKD 32.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5057488
Description:This is a set of waterslide decal for 1/100 MG E.F.S.F. General Purpose from Bandai...
HKD 29.00 HKD 32.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5061176
Description:Make your HG Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin kits extra-amazing with this set of high-quality water-slide decals...
HKD 29.00 HKD 32.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5061671
Description:Bandai's ENTRY GRADE lineup continues with the beloved pink Nintendo character, Kirby!The kit is snap-fit so you can assemble it without any glue, and you don't even need tools to remove the parts from the runners! Just snap the colored parts loose from the runner then press them..
HKD 73.00 HKD 81.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5063362
Description:From "Digimon Tamers", the Paladin-type Digimon "Dukemon" is three-dimensionalized with a design and proportions that conform to the animation settings! Joint parts can be moved over a wide range, and action poses just like in the play can be reproduced. Silver molding color for armam..
HKD 173.00 HKD 193.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5063392
Description:The second "Exploring Lab Nature" is the Great White Shark! Three-dimensional with modeling that reproduces the internal skeleton and opening action! By pushing the switch, the link mechanism including the head skeleton is activated. You can enjoy the opening action with the movement ..
HKD 113.00 HKD 126.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5060407
Description:Aslan's favorite machine is made into a kit with BB warrior! The deformation of the backpack, which is a feature of the aircraft, is completely reproduced. The backpack can be separated and combined. It is also possible to realize a lifter deployment form with the wings folded. Equipp..
HKD 42.00 HKD 46.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5058285
Description:A new type of model stand designed to replicate a service hangar that is expandable to accommodate 1/144 scale models along with their weapons and support accessories. This white version of System Base 1 comes with attachment parts, hooks for weapons, and weapon shelf guides. You can ..
HKD 61.00 HKD 68.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5063574
Description:This MG kit of Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second Revise marks the first Astray variation to get the royal MG treatment! Based on its design for the "Gundam SEED VS ASTRAY" side story published in Dengeki Hobby magazine, the Mobile Suit comes sharply molded in color and will be incredibl..
HKD 332.00 HKD 369.00
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Bandai is a Japanese toy maker and a producer of many plastic model kits. It is Japan's largest toy maker and the world's fourth-largest toy maker as of 2018 after The Lego Group, Mattel and Hasbro. Some ex-Bandai group companies produce anime and tokusatsu programs. Gundam Gunpla can be classified by Real Grade (RG), High Grade (HG), Advance Grade (AG), Master Grade (MG), Perfect Grade (PG)

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