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Xpress Race Cup 2022  @ TRC Dec 4, 2022


Brand: ISDT Model: ISDT C4EVO
Description:This is ISDT C4EVO Cylindrical Battery Charger. Six channels works independently , Each channel can be set to different working modes, compatible with 19 types of rechargeable battery.It supports charging for 4*AA batteries or 4 AAA batteries in one lot, it coves varies rechargeable batt..
HKD 489.00 HKD 515.00
Brand: ISDT Model: ISDT BG-8S
ISDT BG-8S Smart Battery Checker BattGo Receiver Signal Test Protocol Analysis #ISDT BG-8SDescription: iSDT BG-8S Smart Battery Checker will be one of the first future-proof battery checkers on the market designed with powerful features and the latest technology packed inside! Featuring a vivid 26..
HKD 267.00 HKD 315.00
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ISDT focuses on the power supply and charging systems for RC users, providing with easy to use and innovative products.

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