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Brand: Gmade Model: GM60080A
Description:This is Gmade GS02 32P 45T Spur Gear ...
HKD 21.00 HKD 23.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM60051
Description:This is Gmade GOM Decal Sheet...
HKD 56.00 HKD 62.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM24304
Description:This is Gmade 113mm XD Dual Rate Rock Shock 2 pcs For 1/8 1/10 RC Crawler Truck...
HKD 246.00 HKD 273.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM24002
Description:This is Gmade 103mm XD Dual Rate Piggyback Shock 2 pcs For 1/8 1/10 RC Crawler Truck...
HKD 365.00 HKD 406.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM24202
Description:This is Gmade 103mm XD Dual Rate Diaphragm Shock 2 pcs For 1/8 1/10 RC Crawler Truck...
HKD 295.00 HKD 328.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM24102
Description:This is Gmade 103mm XD Dual Rate Aeration Shock 2 pcs For 1/8 1/10 RC Crawler Truck...
HKD 295.00 HKD 328.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GMA0144
Description:This is Gmade 4x15mm Socket Set Screw 10 pcs...
HKD 28.00 HKD 31.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM57012
Description:This is Gmade 1/10 GS02F Buffalo Pickup TS 4WD Crawler RTR EP w/ 2.4GHz Radio.included optional parts (GM30055 LED Kit) *rcMart reserve all rights of the campaign...
HKD 3,040.00 HKD 3,899.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM70594
Description:This is Gmade 1.9inch MT 1905 Offroad Tires 2 pcs. Gmade MT1905 tires are high grip tires designed for various rock crawlers & trail trucks. These tires are made of super soft compounds for good grip over all kind of terrain. Large, deep lugs provide exceptional traction in rock, mud, an..
HKD 155.00 HKD 172.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM25104
Description:This is Gmade RSD Shock Absorber 67mm 2 pcs Black For 1/10 Crawler...
HKD 168.00 HKD 187.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM60101
Description:This is Gmade GS02 Universal Joint Set...
HKD 62.00 HKD 78.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM60077
Description:This is Gmade GS02 Shock Hoop & Body Post Parts Tree Set...
HKD 100.00 HKD 125.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM60075
Description:This is Gmade GS02 Rear Cantilever Suspension Parts Tree Set...
HKD 81.00 HKD 101.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM60111
Description:This is Gmade GS02 Input Universal Joint Set...
HKD 75.00 HKD 94.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM60081
Description:This is Gmade GS02 Frame Side Rails 2 pcs...
HKD 67.00 HKD 223.00
Brand: Gmade Model: GM60070
Description:This is Gmade GS02 48P 30T Pinion Gear...
HKD 19.00 HKD 27.00
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Gmade Co. was founded in Korea, located in Far East Asia, in the year of 2004. Korea has become a technology-leading country with a reputable establishment. ?It has some of the world’s leading engineering assets in semi-conductor, automobile, ship building, defense industry as well as IT field. As it can be seen, Gmade Co. was founded and fostered in a country with such a high-tech foundation and support. Gmade’s main product lines are rock crawling and off-road cars. The 1/8 scale model “Spider” is a very unique version of rock crawler that has link-type rigid axle, tire, wheel, in fact, it is the world’s first Assembled Rock Crawler Pro Kit. Having 16.5” of wheelbase and center ground clearance, suspension shock, link, and special tire patterns provides ease of rock crawling and hill climbing for any level hobbyist as it is the very first model with Gmade’s integrated engineering. In particular, the symmetrical type of frame is well known as the most advanced and revolutionary support for rock crawlers. Gmade’s second model “Dragoon” has 14” wheelbase that can excel speed and jump with fast-run motor as a Racing Monster Truck based on the actual Monster Truck. And its front weight-driven frame enables keen performance while driving along with a unique suspension structure that can react against big jump or offroad driving. Model “Stealth” is the 3rd design in the 1/8 scale Rock Crawlers, with its shape resembling that of the Stealth Bomber in the US Air Force. Many Rock Crawling hobbyists love this model for its superior performance. Model “G1” is also a 1/8 scale Rock Crawler as a major line of Gmade. It offers both quality performance and price satisfaction for buyers. It’s shaped as a truck frame, secured with high Center Ground Clearance and as lower weight balances the body, it results in truly desirable performance for Rock Crawlers. Spider, Dragoon, Stealth, G1 are all 1/8 scales with MOA (Motor on Axle), meaning the front and rear motors are installed on axles and drive independently.

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