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Brand: Flysky Model: FGR4D
Description:This is Flysky 4-Channel Bidirectional Receiver For AFHDS 3 Transmitters & RF Modules...
HKD 260.00 HKD 289.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FS-NB4 Noble Pro Plus
Description:This is Flysky Noble NB4 Plus Pro HVGA Touch Screen 2.4GHz Transmitter Radio w/ FGr4B & FGr8B Receiver (English Version).Please note : This is English Version , Cannot change to other language (Warranty service does not extend to other language version)..
HKD 3,150.00 HKD 3,665.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FS-i6S (Black)
Description:This is Flysky 2.4GHz 10-Channel FS-i6S Transmitter Set Black w/ IA10B Receiver For RC Truck. The FS-i6S transmitter and FS-iA6B receiver constitute a 10 channel 2.4GHz AFHDS 2A digital proportional computerized RC System. This system supports quadcopters. The AFHDS 2A (Automatic Frequen..
HKD 499.00 HKD 623.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FS-NB4 Noble Plus
Description:This is Flysky Noble NB4 Plus HVGA 3.5inch LCD Touch Screen 2.4GHz 4-Channel Transmitter Radio w/ FGR4B Receiver (English Ver). The 2CH (Ultra-fast) Mode, ultra-low latency, allows users to precisely control responses in every critical moment and place themselves at the peak. This isn't ..
HKD 1,790.00 HKD 2,261.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FS-R4D-ESC
Description:This is Flysky 2-in-1 ESC Receiver For 1/10 RC Car...
HKD 190.00 HKD 226.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FS-G7P-UPG
Description:This is Flysky FS-G7P Pro 2.4GHz Transmitter 7-Channel Remote Controller w/ R7P Receiver x2..
HKD 635.00 HKD 858.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FS-ZJ01
Description:This is Flysky NB4 Phone Device Holder...
HKD 155.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FS-iBG01
Description:This is Flysky GPS Module Support GPS Beidou Satellite Dual Satellite System...
HKD 320.00 HKD 366.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FS-INr4-GYB
Description:This is Flysky INr4-GYB 4-Channels Gyro Receiver For NB4 / Noble Lite / Noble Pro AFHDS 3 Transmitter...
HKD 310.00 HKD 312.00
Brand: Flysky Model: GMR
Description:This is Flysky Noble NB4 PL18 GMR 2.4GHz 4Channel AFHDS Receiver. GMR is a new 4CH micro receiver for mini cars developed by FlySky, with a response speed as low as 5ms, suitable for different mini car frames (drifting / racing), with a built-in gyroscope interface and based on the lates..
HKD 250.00 HKD 311.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FGr12B
Description:This is Flysky Noble NB4 NB4 Lite PL18 FRM302 2.4GHz 12-Channel Receiver...
HKD 300.00 HKD 343.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FG4-CDBZJ-0800
Description:This is Flysky NB4 & NB4 Pro 4300mAh LiPo Battery...
HKD 350.00 HKD 374.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FS-R7P
Description:This is Flysky R7P 7-Channel Receiver For FS-G7P...
HKD 100.00 HKD 155.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FGR4-V2
Description:This is Flysky Noble FS-NB4 2.4GHz 4-Channel AFHDS3 Receiver V2...
HKD 245.00 HKD 288.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FGr4B
Description:This is Flysky 2.4GHz 4-Channel AFHDS 3 Mini Receiver PWM/PPM/i-bus/S.BUS/i-bus2 Output Compatible PL18 NB4 NB4 Lite...
HKD 270.00 HKD 281.00
Brand: Flysky Model: FS-RM005
Description:This is Flysky NB4 2.4GHz Mini-Z FHSS Tuner...
HKD 350.00 HKD 351.00
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Through unparalleled innovation and experience, FLYSKY touches the heart and soul of the RC community. From the beginning FLYSKY has led the RC industry in new and exciting directions, from the early FM-PPM protocol, to the first and second generation of digital frequency hopping systems and two-way communication.

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