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Brand: Savox Model: SW-0231MG PLUS
Description:This is Savox Waterproof Standard Digital Servo For 1/10 RC Offroad / Boat...
HKD 343.00 HKD 507.00
Brand: Savox Model: SW-2290SG (Black)
Description:This is Savox Waterproof Monster Torque High Voltage Brushless Digital Servo Black Edition For 1/10 1/8 RC. The powerful "Monster" performance series from Savox utilize an all aluminum case, unique brushless motor and controller technology to boost power up to 35% over previous generatio..
HKD 1,193.00 HKD 1,482.00
Brand: Savox Model: SW-1210SG PLUS
Description:This is Savox Waterproof High Voltage Coreless Digital Servo For 1/10 1/8 RC. This premier waterproof digital servo provides excellent torque and is a great upgrade if your looking to drive your RC vehicle in any condition...rain, sleet, or snow...
HKD 611.00 HKD 893.00
Brand: Savox Model: SC-1256TG PLUS
Description:This is Savox Standard High Torque Titanium Gear Digital Servo For 1/10 RC Offroad. The SC1256TG Plus servo is a great servo for those looking to replace a standard servo with one that has superior specifications. "Plus" series servos feature Soft Start and Sanwa SSR compatibility...
HKD 562.00 HKD 819.00
Brand: Savox Model: SC-1258TG PLUS
Description:This is Savox Super Speed Titanium Gear Digital Servo Plus For 1/8 1/10 RC Touring. It is a high speed standard size servo which combines leading edge technology with super high 12-bit (4096) resolution for smooth operation. It is ideal for applications requiring high speed...
HKD 500.00 HKD 577.00
Brand: Savox Model: SC-1251MG PLUS
Description:This is Savox Low Profile High Speed Metal Gear Digital Servo Plus For 1/8 1/10 RC Car. It is a high speed, low profile servo which combines leading edge technology with metal gear train to make an ideal option when space or weight is a concern...
HKD 450.00 HKD 577.00
Brand: Savox Model: SA-1231SG
SAVOX High Torque Coreless Steel Gear Digital Servo For 1/8 Scale #SA-1231SGDescription: This is the Savox SA-1231SG Tall Digital "High Torque" Steel Gear Servo...
HKD 459.00 HKD 592.00
Brand: Savox Model: SW-0241MG
SAVOX Super Torque High Voltage Waterproof 7.4V Digital Servo For 1/5 RC Car #SW-0241MGDescription: This is the Savox SW-0241MG "Super Speed" Waterproof Digital 1/5 Scale Servo. The SW-0241MG is a waterproof high torque, high speed 5th scale metal gear digital servo. This servo is high voltage cap..
HKD 600.00 HKD 857.00
Brand: Savox Model: SC-1252MG
SAVOX Low Profile Super Speed Metal Gear Digital Servo For RC Drift F1 #SC-1252MGDescription: This is the Savox SC-1252MG Low Profile "Super Speed" Metal Gear Digital Servo. Low profile dimensions make the SC-1252MG a perfect choice for any vehicle with tight spaces. Ideal for 1/10 scale touring/o..
HKD 390.00 HKD 545.00
Brand: Savox Model: SG-SW0231MG
SAVOX Metal Servo Gear Set w/ Bearings #SG-SW0231MGDescription: This is the SAVOX Metal Servo Gear Set w/ Bearings. Package includes the gears and pins needed to replace the gear train on one servo...
HKD 86.00 HKD 93.00
Brand: Savox Model: SA-1283SG
SAVOX Super Torque Steel Gear Digital Servo For 1/10 RC Crawlers Offroad #SA-1283SGDescription:Combines leading edge technology with super high 12 bit (4096) resolution and unique steel gears. Super light-weight. Coreless motor provides high speed, incredible efficiency, and low power consumpti..
HKD 600.00 HKD 779.00
Brand: Savox Model: SW-1211SG
SAVOX Waterproof Coreless Steel Gear Digital Servo For 1/10 RC Car #SW-1211SGDescription: The SW1211SG is the premier waterproof digital servo in the Savox Lineup. This coreless servo boasts 208.3 oz-in of torque and a speed of .10 at 6.0V. It combines leading edge technology with super high 12-bi..
HKD 495.00 HKD 654.00
Brand: Savox Model: SW-0230MG
Savox Waterproof HV Metal Gear Digital Servo For 1/10 RC Car #SW-0230MGDescription: The SW0230MG is a budget friendly waterproof digital servo capable of operating at 6.0V and 7.4V. This brushed servo features a quick speed of .13 and 111.1 oz-in of torque 7.4V. It combines leading edge technol..
HKD 320.00 HKD 343.00
Brand: Savox Model: SB-2274SG
SAVOX High Speed Brushless Steel Gear Digital Servo (High Voltage) for 1:8 1:10 RC Touring Car Boat #SB-2274SGDescription: This is the Savox SB-2274SG High Speed Brushless Steel Gear Digital Servo...
HKD 665.00 HKD 779.00
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Savox Specializing in Waterproof RC Servo, Brushless Motor, Gyro, and Electronic Speed Controls.

Savox professional and experienced R&D team is striving for developing superb performance, most reliable and most compatible products that offer ultimate fun and best value to end users. With rigid commitment to innovative technology and reliable quality, Savox has launched first-in-the world 12 bits 4096 resolution digital servo comprising coreless motor and titanium alloy gears in November 2007.

In each single of Savox product is checked and tested through a series of strict and accurate QC (Quality control) process by leading edge facilities and trained engineers. After three years effort, Savox becomes one of RC leading brand in the word. To improve Savox scales through the new heights.

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