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Brand: Hudy Model: HSP-108001
Description:This is Hudy Universal Exclusive Set-Up Station For 1/8 Onroad RC Car...
HKD 2,100.00 HKD 2,378.00
Brand: Hudy Model: HSP-108801
Description:This is Hudy Universal Exclusive Set-Up Station For 1/8 Offroad RC Cars & Truggy...
HKD 1,850.00 HKD 2,097.00
Brand: Hudy Model: HSP-109401
Description:This is Hudy Universal Exclusive Set-Up Station For 1/10 & 1/12 RC Pan Car...
HKD 1,150.00 HKD 1,286.00
Brand: Hudy Model: HSP-293084
Description:This is Hudy Precision 10g Balancing Chassis Weight 4 pcs Black. Hudy Precision Balancing Chassis Weights are a universal weight option that will fit any car. Designed to be mounted at pre-drilled chassis holes, these steel weights can also be mounted via double-sided tape. The weights a..
HKD 250.00 HKD 272.00
Brand: Hudy Model: HSP-199140
Description:This is the HUDY Exclusive Edition 1/8 Off Road Carrying Bag. Smart, stylish,distinctive and ultra-versatile XRAY Team Carrying Bag is large and spacious enough to carry your 1/8 off-road buggy or truggy, tools, set-up equipment and gear to any track with comfort and ease. All the walls ..
HKD 2,750.00 HKD 3,143.00
Brand: Hudy Model: HSP-188980
Description:This is Hudy Blade Hobby Knife Set w/ Aluminum Handle. HUDY Blade Hobby Knife is a must have tool for any RC car user. Great for trimming and cutting. The black coated lightweight aluminum handle provides sufficient grip and the protective plastic cap ensures safety during storing...
HKD 91.00 HKD 98.00
Brand: Hudy Model: HSP-108970
Description:This is Hudy Aluminum Set-Up Wheel 4 pcs Black For 1/10 RC Offroad. Hudy 1/10 Off-Road Aluminum Set-Up Wheels. These wheels feature multiple mounting points to simulate 75-87mm diameter wheels and are perfect for all 1/10 2wd and 4wd off road cars. This will allow for precise and repeata..
HKD 550.00 HKD 597.00
Brand: Hudy Model: HSP-108305
Description:This is Hudy 292x425mm Lightweight Flat Set-Up Board Black For 1/10 1/12 RC Car...
HKD 220.00 HKD 239.00
Brand: Hudy Model: HSP-293083
Description:This is Hudy 15 Gram Pure Tungsten Weight. These very small weights are machined from pure tungsten. Due to this small size they allow for lower CG when compared to traditional chassis weights. Package includes one tungsten chassis weight. ..
HKD 158.00 HKD 172.00
Brand: Hudy Model: HSP-105590
Description:This special balancing putty is used to perfectly balance the wheels and tires to reduce vibration. The putty is very sticky to ensure it will not fall off on the track during a run. A must have for properly balanced wheels.The putty can also be used to seal a receiver box, or protect th..
HKD 97.00 HKD 105.00
Brand: Hudy Model: HSP-298017
Description:This is a Hudy Tiny One-Piece Hardware Box, a handy, accessible and stackable box for tiny parts storage. This storage box is made of durable, translucent plastic and has eight compartments, each with a separate latching cover. The box has four separate double-compartment boxes which can..
HKD 85.00 HKD 92.00
Brand: Hudy Model: HSP-298100
Description:This is Hudy 80x30mm Tin Round Box. The Hudy Round Tin is a handy and useful round tin box that is perfect for tiny parts storage and safe transport. Made from aluminum, the box features a threaded lid with the lower plastic box pressed in. Blazed with stylish HUDY graphics...
HKD 69.00 HKD 75.00
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