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Xpress Race Cup 2022  @ TRC Dec 4, 2022


Brand: Serpent Model: 600021
Description:This is Serpent 1/8 SRX8-E Pro 4WD Buggy EP. The driving force in a race cars success is determined by those willing to back it. Serpent has worked tirelessly to improve, innovate and produce the best Remote Control cars this planet has seen. We strive to produce the highest quality part..
HKD 4,360.00 HKD 6,077.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 401991
Description:This is Serpent X20 Mini CVD Driveshaft Set...
HKD 273.00 HKD 378.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 601064
Description:This is Serpent SRX8 HTD 47T Spur Gear...
HKD 169.00 HKD 251.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 401866
Description:This is Serpent Mid Carbon X20 Chassis Stiffner Center...
HKD 46.00 HKD 74.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 401946
Description:This is Serpent X20 Series Outdrive Solid Axle 2 pcs...
HKD 176.00 HKD 243.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 400038
Description:An evolution of the original X20 Medius! Learning from the X20 we have improved some handling characteristics to make the car more nimble and improve corner speed, stiffening of the chassis in critical areas to change the flex points along with tweaking the roll centre has led to the all..
HKD 3,350.00 HKD 5,074.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 804013
Description:This is The Serpent 750E Natrix is the latest Electric version of the 750. Electric racing has developed big time, the possible power is huge. Especially in the popular dragster class in the US the power going through the transmission is extreme. The 750E is designed to take care of that..
HKD 3,900.00 HKD 4,730.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 400033
Serpent Medius X20 MID Carbon 1/10 Touring Car Kit EP #400033Description: This is Serpent Medius X20 MID Carbon 1/10 Touring Car Kit EP. X20 is the result of utilizing past years design of the Eryx and 4x 1/10 touring car. The chassis is based on the popular Medius mid motor design, using a lig..
HKD 3,119.00 HKD 4,173.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 411326
Serpent S120 LTR Pod Pivot Set #411326Description: This is Serpent S120 LTR Pod Pivot Set...
HKD 47.00 HKD 66.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 411327
Serpent S120 LTR Carbon Fiber Pod Plate #411327Description: This is Serpent S120 LTR Carbon Fiber Pod Plate...
HKD 171.00 HKD 206.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 411243
Serpent S100 Bumper Washer 2 pcs Black #411243Description: This is Serpent S100 Bumper Washer 2 pcs Black...
HKD 23.00 HKD 33.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 803240
Serpent CV-axles Set Pro For 733 EVo TE 747 2pcs #803240Description: Newly available from Serpent is this ultra efficient and performance-enhancing CVD (constant velocity drives) set. Designed for use on front and rear of the Serpent 710, the power delivery to the wheels has been improved because ..
HKD 271.00 HKD 363.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 401724
Serpent Solid Axle Silver For Eryx S411 Project 4X #401724Description: This is Serpent Solid Axle Silver For Eryx S411 Project 4X...
HKD 124.00 HKD 158.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 411187
Serpent Pivot Ball 2 pcs Black w/ Shaft For S411 S100 S120 Spyder SRX-2 #411187Description: This is a replacement Serpent Pivotball Set with Shafts, and is intended for use with the Serpent S120L and S100L Pan Cars...
HKD 48.00 HKD 68.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 170348
Serpent 1/10 Lex-IS 190mm Lightweight Clear Body Set For 1/10 RC #170348Description: This is Serpent 1/10 Lex-IS 190mm Lightweight Clear Body Set For 1/10 RC..
HKD 150.00 HKD 169.00
Brand: Serpent Model: 903599
Serpent Viper 977 Springsteel Lightweight Solid Axle RR #903599Description:This is an optional Serpent Solid Axle RR light...
HKD 174.00 HKD 266.00
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Serpent Model Racing Cars is one the leading manufacturers of RC radio controlled model-cars for competition purposes. Serpent is known for its high involvement in the RC racing market, cooperating with IFMAR and other international and national federations. Sponsorship of main events has always been at the core of our marketing, to help organizers create memorable events.

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