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HB Racing

Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204820
Description:This is HB Racing D4 Evo3 1/10 Competition 4WD Buggy EP...
HKD 4,570.00 HKD 11,458.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204378
Description:This is HB Racing 20Degree Caster Block Set V4...
HKD 525.00 HKD 983.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204240
Description:This is HB Racing D2 Evo 1/10 Competition Buggy 2WD Kit EP. The D2 Evo was designed for total adjustability. Out of all the RC car racing categories, the 1/10 scale off-roaders are the most difficult to design because they race on a wide range of track surfaces, a wide variety of tires a..
HKD 3,978.00 HKD 9,742.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204788
Description:This is HB Racing CO-1 Ogden Signature Truform Pre-Cut Body For 1/8 RC Offroad Buggy...
HKD 300.00 HKD 373.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204789
Description:This is HB Racing CO-1 Clear Aero-Pack Set For 1/8 Offroad Truform. With Front nose, front scoop, 4 attachable side fins...
HKD 133.00 HKD 147.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204572
Description:This is HB Racing D819RS Vented 17T Mod 0.8 Clutch Bell...
HKD 120.00 HKD 133.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204242
Description:This is an optional 185mm short pin HD Dogbone for the HB Racing D817T and E817T.  For use in the center/rear of the Truggies. Can be used in the center/front of the E817 buggy as well. This HD dogbone is designed to be stronger for greater durability and lifespan...
HKD 111.00 HKD 123.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204656
Description:This is HB Racing Steering Block Bushing Set For D8T E8T Evo3...
HKD 100.00 HKD 111.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB109841
Description:This is HB Racing 48T Lightweight Spur Gear For D812 D815 D817 E817 V2...
HKD 180.00 HKD 200.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204576
Description:This is HB Racing E8T EVO3 1/8 Competition Electric Truggy Kit EP. New from HB Racing is the E8T Evo3 1/8 electric truggy. We’ve taken the previous E817T and updated to the latest “E819 style” drive train, front and rear suspension arm mounts and sway bars. Key features include all-new s..
HKD 4,800.00 HKD 7,436.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204252
Description:This is HB Racing Rear Wing White For 1/8 RC Buggy. The HB Racing molded nylon rear wings are very close to a same weight as lexan wing, with the added durability of molded nylon. Large side dams and 2 inner plates add stability, and a wicker bill helps tune downforce to track conditions..
HKD 96.00 HKD 107.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB87267
Description:This is HB Racing M4 Serrated Flange Nut 4 pcs Orange...
HKD 76.00 HKD 120.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204554
Description:This is HB Racing E819 Aluminum Servo Mount Black...
HKD 202.00 HKD 225.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204577
Description:This is HB Racing D819 HD Front Chassis Brace Set Orange...
HKD 100.00 HKD 111.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204424
Description:This is HB Racing Big Bore Shock Cap Set V3 2 pcs Black...
HKD 132.00 HKD 147.00
Brand: HB Racing Model: HB204446
Description:This is HB Racing D819RS 93mm Rear Universal Set...
HKD 474.00 HKD 527.00
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