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Xpress Race Cup 2022  @ TRC Dec 4, 2022


Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP20
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 Steel Rear Shaft Set...
HKD 58.00 HKD 68.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP19
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 Center Solid Axle Set...
HKD 77.00 HKD 91.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP18
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 Aluminum Side Body Mount 1 pair Gold...
HKD 94.00 HKD 111.00
Brand: Atomic Model: MRZ-PRO-CK
Description:This is Atomic MRZ Pro Conversion Kit For MRZ Double Arm Version MRZ V1.1 MRZ DWS...
HKD 1,099.00
Brand: Atomic Model: MRZ-PRO-KIT
Description:This is Atomic 1/28 MRZ Pro RWD Pan Car Chassis Kit...
HKD 1,880.00 HKD 1,949.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP06F
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 Front Long Damper Set.Longer Front Damper will make the car less responsive in steering. if you feel the car is too sensitive to drive, this option is suitable for you...
HKD 89.00 HKD 106.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP16
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 Aluminum Rear Suspension Arm Mount Black...
HKD 66.00 HKD 77.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP14
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 Aluminium Chassis Plate 20g Black...
HKD 232.00 HKD 275.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP17-03
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 3 Dot Rear Toe Angle Mount Set...
HKD 77.00 HKD 91.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP17-02
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 2 Dot Rear Toe Angle Mount Set...
HKD 77.00 HKD 91.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP17-01
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 1 Dot Rear Toe Angle Mount Set...
HKD 73.00 HKD 87.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP07
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 Rear Aluminum Arms 2 pcs Black...
HKD 107.00 HKD 126.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP09
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 Carbon Battery Mount Set...
HKD 179.00 HKD 211.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP11
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 Aluminum Center Differential Hub Black...
HKD 66.00 HKD 77.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP08
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 Aluminum Ball Differential Black...
HKD 221.00 HKD 261.00
Brand: Atomic Model: SZ2-UP15
Description:This is Atomic SZ2 1mm Shorter Steering Linkage Ball Head Set Silver...
HKD 24.00 HKD 28.00
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Atomic is well-known for it's 1:27 scale micro size rc racer, similar size to Mini-Z. rcMart carry various series of Atomic RC car parts & accessories. Huge stock, good price & fast delivery

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