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Mugen Seiki

Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: A2003-AA
Description:This is Mugen Seiki 1/10 MTC2 Electric 4WD Touring Car Kit w/ Aluminum Chassis. Mugen Seiki is proud to announce the NEW MTC2 Electric 1/10th Touring Car Kit.  The MTC2 has a new innovative design and uses high quality materials and coatings.  The MTC2 is the ultimate touring car for all..
HKD 4,588.00 HKD 5,693.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: B0310B
Description:This is Mugen Seiki Super Silicone #100cst 50ml. Mugen Super Silicone 100 CST shock fluid formulated in Japan with high grade silicones. The bottle has a small pour spout with a screw on top for safe traveling. Bottle contains 50ml (1.7 oz)...
HKD 74.00 HKD 82.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: E2816A
Description:This is Mugen Seiki Fuel Tank For MBX8T MBX7T MGT7...
HKD 163.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: B0120A
Description:This is Mugen Seiki Air Filter Set For MBX8 MBX7R MBX7. This is a complete air filter set intended to be used on all Mugen 1/8 nitro buggy’s, truggy’s and many other manufactures 1/8 nitro vehicles too...
HKD 81.00 HKD 90.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: E2254A
Description:This is Mugen Seiki 42T Conical Gear Silver For MBX8R MBX8. This is an optional 42T conical gear for the MBX8. This is used with the optional E2252 12T bevel gear. By using this combination you can change the drive gear ration of your buggy...
HKD 298.00 HKD 331.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: E2431
Description:This is Mugen Seiki MBX8R Graphite Rear Wing Mount Plate...
HKD 79.00 HKD 88.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: E2174
Description:This is Mugen Seiki MBX8R Aluminum Front Upper Suspension Arm Mount...
HKD 151.00 HKD 168.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: E2028
Description:This is Mugen Seiki 1/8 MBX8R Offroad Competition ECO 4WD Buggy Car Kit EP. New suspension mounts and geometry.  The MBX8R Eco uses new narrow RF (C) and RR (D) pivot blocks with new pivot inserts for increased tuneability.  New longer box-shaped suspension arms and arm stiffeners.  The ..
HKD 5,288.00 HKD 5,693.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: JX21-B06BK
Description:This is Mugen Seiki Ninja JX Engine 21 Buggy 06 Limited Black Edition. This is New Ninja JX21-B06 Black Off-Road Buggy Engine.  The innovative JX21-B06 Black engine is the same configuration as the JX21-B06 engine, but with a black anodized cooling head and includes the easy to tune 22E ..
HKD 2,998.00 HKD 3,002.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: E2823
Description:This is Mugen Seiki MBX8R Rear Rod Ends 4 pcs...
HKD 22.00 HKD 24.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: E2181
Description:This is Mugen Seiki MBX8R Graphite 1.2mm Rear Lower Arm Plates Set...
HKD 166.00 HKD 184.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: E2330
Description:This is Mugen Seiki MBX8R Brake Pad Springs 4 pcs..
HKD 18.00 HKD 20.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: E2825
Description:This is Mugen Seiki MBX8R Suspension Arm Guard Set...
HKD 61.00 HKD 68.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: E2328
Description:This is Mugen Seiki MBX8R Receiver Box Set...
HKD 70.00 HKD 78.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: E1081Y
Description:This is Mugen Seiki MBX8R Rear Wing Yellow...
HKD 88.00 HKD 98.00
Brand: Mugen Seiki Model: E1081B
Description:This is Mugen Seiki MBX8R Rear Wing Black...
HKD 88.00 HKD 98.00
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Mugen Seiki is a Japanese manufacturer of high-end, premium radio-controlled cars based in Japan. Mugen means unlimited, Seiki means machinery works. Mugen Seiki currently manufactures a 1/8 scale buggy and truggy as well as a 1/8 scale pan car and 1/10 scale touring car.

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