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Brand: Yokomo Model: BL-RPXP2B
Description:This is Yokomo Racing Performer RPX-II Programmer. By connecting to the ESC connector, you can easily change detailed adjustments such as ATH (autothrottle function) and throttle & brake. It is a necessary item to maximize the performance of RPX-II...
HKD 294.00 HKD 316.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: RP-6113W8A
Yokomo 5 Spoke Offset 8mm RP Drift Rim 2 pcs White For 1/10 RC Drift Car #RP-6113W8Description: This is Yokomo 5 Spoke Offset 8mm RP Drift Rim 2 pcs White For 1/10 RC Drift Car. Drift wheel suitable for YD-2 and YD-4 series. Slightly flat 5-spoke design with an offset of 8 mm and a width of 26 m..
HKD 70.00 HKD 76.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: Y2-203ZPA
Description:This is Yokomo YD-2ZX Aluminum Servo Mount 2 pcs Purple...
HKD 210.00 HKD 226.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: Y2-003ZAFA
Description:This is Yokomo YD-2ZX Aluminum Front Upper Deck Adaptor Black...
HKD 84.00 HKD 89.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: YZ-870C
Description:The upcoming re-release of late 1980’s ‘Super Dog Fighter’ 1:10 4WD Buggy is coming in December 2023!If you are a long-time RC car user, you may be familiar with the ‘Super Dog Fighter’ kit which became the foundation of modern racing off-road cars.  The not only had a great record in Ja..
HKD 3,680.00 HKD 4,679.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: B12-016HB
Description:This is Yokomo BD12 Horizontal Body Mount Set. This mount part is compatible with the type of rear body post that protrudes rearward such as BD12, and reliably receives downforce and increases rear traction. Compatible with Twister/Twister Special bodies, the mount parts are fixed to the..
HKD 63.00 HKD 67.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: YT-28MB
Description:This is Yokomo 535x275x150mm Car Bag w/ Yokomo Logo. Introducing a new hand carry bag with the Yokomo logo, which is convenient for carrying your machine to circuits, etc. Large capacity that can easily accommodate not only touring cars and drift cars, but also wide off-road cars. It als..
HKD 560.00 HKD 608.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: YM-ER27
Description:This is Yokomo 27T Esprit RPM Brushed Motor For 1/10 RC Offroad Super Dog Fighter 2023. Along with the reprint of the Super Dog Fighter, the Esprit RPM motor, which was very popular in the 80's off-road scene, will also be back! The pink label reminiscent of Yokomo's image at the time ha..
HKD 170.00 HKD 210.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: TW-1012-2A
Desription:This is Yokomo Super Precision Aero Disc Wheel Two Pair Included...
HKD 45.00 HKD 48.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: MSR-BD12
Description:Yokomo's touring car, which brings innovation with its highly creative design, has evolved into the "BD12", a racing machine that tends to be uniformly esigned. While maintaining the same balance between pitching and roll as before, the racing design has achieved an even lower center of ..
HKD 3,700.00 HKD 5,147.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: SD-GR86B
Description:This is Yokomo Toyota PANDEM GR86 200mm Clear Body Set For 1/10 RC Onroad. This is a PANDEM specification clear body set for the Toyota GR86, which is popular among sports cars, with a fearless finish with impressive over fenders. The body width is approximately 200mm, making it suitable..
HKD 468.00 HKD 499.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: B12-RTC-7
Description:This is Yokomo Graphite 2.4mm RTC Axle Block Spacer Set For BD12 BD11.This is a graphite plate that is sandwiched between the aluminum axle block and arm, raising the outside position of the tie rod, increasing the amount of toe-in change due to suspension stroke, and increasing rear tra..
HKD 77.00 HKD 82.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: B12-001BS
Description:This is Yokomo Graphite 2.4mm Bumper Support Set For BD12 BD11...
HKD 58.00 HKD 62.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: YS-600B
Description:This is Yokomo Super Blend 100% Pure Silicone Soft Shock Damper Oil #600...
HKD 38.00 HKD 41.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: YS-550B
Yokomo Super Blend 100% Pure Silicone Soft Shock Damper Oil #550 #YS-550BDescription:This is Yokomo Super Blend 100% Pure Silicone Soft Shock Damper Oil #550...
HKD 38.00 HKD 41.00
Brand: Yokomo Model: BL-EP6A
Description:This is Yokomo BL-EP6 Programmable Brushless ESC Set w/ Program Card. It is a brushless speed controller that comes with a programmer and realizes a reasonable price while supporting each category of on, off, and drift. In addition to Yokomo's sensor-type brushless motors, it is also pos..
HKD 578.00 HKD 701.00
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Yokomo is one of the leading brands in international RC Racing. Yokomo were one of the first manufacturers in Japan to build RC cars and invented the RTR (Ready To Run) car.  Their BD series (BD7, BD8, BD9, DB10) is one of the top brands in competition level hobby grade RC Cars.  We also need to mention their YD drift line.  After the success of the drift package series, Yomoko launched the YD2 series professional hobby grade drift cars, which got a big success worldwide.

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