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Brand: LRP Model: LRP431271
Description:This is LRP 6700mAh 7.6V 60C / 120C Graph4 HV LCG LiPo Battery Pack. Ideal weight for 1/10 TC racing combined with Low Center of Gravity design and increased capacity. Perfect car balance and power for fast modified tracks...
HKD 468.00 HKD 624.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP501838
Description:This is LRP Aluminum V2 Worksteam 40x40x10mm Motor Fan. The WorksTeam 40mm V2 Aluminium High Rev. Motor Fan is made of high quality, 2-colour anodised aluminium, decorated with several engravings.The first production batch of our predecessor sold out incredibly quick. However, developmen..
HKD 231.00 HKD 288.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP431273
Description:This is LRP 4000mAh 7.6V 60C 120C G4 Shorty ULCG P5-HV LiPo Battery For 1/10 RC. The reason is that one of our distributors requested this battery, as in his country 1/12 is run with 2S instead of the 1S with the max. length rule of 93.0mm unchanged in place. A clear testament to LRP's c..
HKD 420.00 HKD 477.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP431276
Description:This is LRP 7400mAh 7.6V 65C 135C G4-Stock Spec P5-HV LiPo Battery For 1/10 RC Touring Car. If you are racing in the 1/10 TC Stock class on medium size Outdoor tracks, this is the battery for you! If the G4 9400 HV Stock Spec battery and the G4 8100 HV Stock Spec battery are too heavy fo..
HKD 635.00 HKD 725.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP500004
LRP Flow X TC Spec 220A Sensored Brushless ESC #500004Description: LRP proudly announces the release of the long awaited IFMAR Worlds winning Flow X competition speed control. Its unique combination of hardware and software features was created to deliver maximum performance on the track without c..
HKD 1,600.00 HKD 1,793.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP500003
LRP Flow X Offroad Brushless 220A ESC #500003Description: The Flow X Series comes equipped with completely redesigned power board and logic board to unleash the full potential of the new software and to provide reliability for today’s extreme racing demands. With 8 copper layers and a total thickn..
HKD 1,600.00 HKD 1,793.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP500005
LRP Flow X Stock Spec Brushless ESC 220A / 1800A #500005Description: Following right on the bumper of the successful Flow X TC Spec and Flow Off Road speed contros is the Flow X Stock Spec Speedo. With experience gathered during numerous tests with LRP WorksTeam we have once again developed a new..
HKD 1,528.00 HKD 1,793.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP432285
Description:This is LRP 6200mAh 7.6V 65C 135C G4.1 Shorty HV LiPo Battery For 1/10 RC...
HKD 520.00 HKD 584.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP501827
Description:This is LRP Receiver Connector 40x40x10mm Worksteam Motor Fan For 1/8 1/10 RC. The 40 mm WorksTeam SuperHighRev. motor fan is part of the all new 1/8E Motor Cooling System.This system was successfully used at the 2023 EFRA 1/8 E-buggy European Championships. In scorching heat it kept mot..
HKD 80.00 HKD 88.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP501981
Description:This is LRP Aluminum Safety Mesh Blue For 40mm Fan. The WorksTeam aluminium safety mesh is part of the all new 1/8E Motor Cooling System. This system was successfully used at the 2023 EFRA 1/8 E-buggy European Championships. In scorching heat it kept motor temperatures to a unprecedented..
HKD 178.00 HKD 198.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP38577
Description:This is LRP ZR.32 14x25.4x6mm Rear Ball Bearing...
HKD 150.00 HKD 171.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP432273
Description:This is LRP 4200mAh 7.6V 60C 120C G4.1 Shorty HLCG HV LiPo Battery For 1/10 RC. To release this battery we've spared no expense or effort to increase the often race-deciding capacity in 1/10 Offroad 4wd Mod and TC Mod carpet racing, while retaining the Hyper LCG design of just 18.5mm hei..
HKD 442.00 HKD 477.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP431280
Description:This is LRP 8100mah 7.6V 65C / 135C Graph4 HV Stock Spec HV LiPo Battery Pack. Lowest IR in our StockSpec Line! HV-LiPo This pack is your choice for maximum power if you can handle the weight...
HKD 680.00 HKD 780.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP501991
Description:This is LRP 30mm Fan Round Conveyor Duct...
HKD 140.00 HKD 155.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP430412
Description:This is LRP ANTIX 2100mAh Graphene 7.6V 45C LiHV Stickpack T-Plug Battery For 1/18 RC Car. The very first Antix by LRP product gets an update. Already known from high-end Competition LiPo batteries, the HV-LiPo GRAPHENE battery cell technology now also gained entry into our high-quality ..
HKD 228.00 HKD 285.00
Brand: LRP Model: LRP65060
Description:This is LRP VTEC TC Allround Pre-glued Tires 4 pcs For 1/10 RC Touring Car...
HKD 160.00 HKD 171.00
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