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Brand: Kyosho Model: 30637
Description:This is Kyosho 1/12 FANTOM Ext CRC-II Kit 4WD RC Racing Pan Car EP. Amazing running agility! "FANTOM EP-4WD Ext" is the last reincarnation of the famous FANTOM EP form! Two years after the seismic impact of the FANTOM EP-4WD’s debut win, the "FANTOM EP-4WD Ext" stunned the world by achie..
HKD 1,980.00 HKD 2,183.00
ETA Date: 2022-07-31
Brand: Kyosho Model: 30622
Description:This is Kyosho 1/10 Optima MID 4WD Racing Buggy EP. The Optima Mid is remembered for its brilliant debut at the 2nd World Electric Off-Road Car Championships in England 1987, where the prototype occupied 5 out of the 10 qualifiers in the A-Main final and finished in second place. Optima’..
HKD 2,780.00 HKD 3,899.00
ETA Date: 2022-06-15
Brand: Kyosho Model: 30614
Kyosho 1/10 2WD Racing Beetle 2014 Buggy Kit EP #30614Description: The legendary Kyosho Beetle is credited with taking the racing buggy category into the realm of pure motorsports. Even after 30 years since it was first released in 1983, the indelible mark of the Beetle still exists with its many ..
HKD 2,095.00 HKD 3,041.00
ETA Date: 2022-05-31
Brand: Kyosho Model: OT266
Description:This is Kyosho Optima Mid Mount Set...
HKD 69.00 HKD 76.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: MZW125
Description:This is Kyosho 50x100mm Anti-Static Tape. Peel-and-stick anti-static sheet for the MINI-Z series. Avoids malfunction of electronic components caused by static electricity. Great when running on an urethane track in the winter. 50 x 100mm. Cut easily using scissors and peel and stick on t..
HKD 26.00 HKD 29.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: 34472T1
Description:This is Kyosho 1/10 FAZER Ford Mustang GTR 4WD Touring Car RTR Readyset EP w/ KT-231P+ Transmitter. For the pure enjoyment of R/C car driving, the combination of a beautifully reproduced car body with the FAZER series chassis can’t be beaten. Kyosho has taken its standard touring car cha..
HKD 1,795.00 HKD 1,871.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: OT234
Description:This is Kyosho Optima Tie-Rod Set...
HKD 52.00 HKD 57.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: OT268
Description:This is Kyosho Optima Mid Wing Stay & Bumper Set...
HKD 78.00 HKD 86.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: OT262
Description:This is Kyosho Optima Mid Upper Deck Set...
HKD 138.00 HKD 153.00
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The company is one of the oldest model rc car makers in Japan, and produces a wide variety of products, including radio-controlled cars, planes, helicopters, and boats. Kyosho also produces highly detailed die-cast model cars.

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