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Brand: Kyosho Model: 30637
Description:This is Kyosho 1/12 FANTOM Ext CRC-II Kit 4WD RC Racing Pan Car EP. Amazing running agility! "FANTOM EP-4WD Ext" is the last reincarnation of the famous FANTOM EP form! Two years after the seismic impact of the FANTOM EP-4WD’s debut win, the "FANTOM EP-4WD Ext" stunned the world by achie..
HKD 1,980.00 HKD 2,183.00
ETA Date: 2024-03-31
Brand: Kyosho Model: SC228B
Description:This is Kyosho Scorpion Differential Inner Parts Set...
HKD 103.00 HKD 114.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: OTW155GM
Description:This is Kyosho Optima Mid Upper Deck Post Gunmetal 2 pcs...
HKD 59.00 HKD 65.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: MZH020GM
Description:This is Kyosho Mini-Z RWD Watanabe Eight Spoke Rim Black 4 pcs...
HKD 44.00 HKD 49.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: MDH020GM
Description:This is Kyosho Mini-Z AWD Watanabe Eight Spoke Rim Black 4 pcs. Watanabe wheels are sold individually with standard tires that look classic and have a high profile..
HKD 44.00 HKD 49.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: OT267GM
Description:This is Kyosho 87WC Optima Mid Servo Saver Set Gunmetal...
HKD 132.00 HKD 146.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: OTB251
Description:This is Kyosho 87WC Optima Mid Non-Decoration Body Set...
HKD 424.00 HKD 471.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: MZN217
Description:This is Kyosho Nissan Fairlady 240ZG White Body Set w/ Rim For Mini-Z AWD...
HKD 172.00 HKD 191.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: MZH131W-W3
Description:This is Kyosho MZH131W-W3 Offset 3 Multi Wheel II RE3022 Wide Rim 2 pcs White For Mini-Z...
HKD 21.00 HKD 23.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: MZH131W-W-1
Description:This is Kyosho MZH131W-W1 Offset -1 Multi Wheel II RE30 Wide Rim 2 pcs White For Mini-Z...
HKD 21.00 HKD 23.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: MZH131W-N1
Description:This is Kyosho MZH131W-N1 Offset 1 Multi Wheel II RE30 Narrow Rim 2 pcs White For Mini-Z...
HKD 21.00 HKD 23.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: MZ713-1
Description:This is Kyosho MR-04 EVO2 Potentiometer...
HKD 41.00 HKD 46.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: MX021B
Description:This is Kyosho Mini-Z 4x4 Series Servo Motor & Potentiometer...
HKD 139.00 HKD 154.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: MZW40-20B
Description:This is Kyosho Mini-Z 20Degree Super Low Height Slick Tire 4 pcs...
HKD 51.00 HKD 57.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: MZW39-20B
Description:This is Kyosho Mini Low-Height 20Degree Slick Tire 4 pcs For Mini-Z. Use for front tires on MINI-Z Racer and MINI-Z AWD. Reduces sticking on urethane surfaces for smooth running characteristics...
HKD 45.00 HKD 50.00
Brand: Kyosho Model: 97021HB
Description:This is Kyosho L=10/23/28 Hard Ball End Set...
HKD 37.00 HKD 41.00
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Kyosho is one of the oldest model rc car makers in Japan, and produces a wide variety of products, including radio-controlled cars, planes, helicopters, and boats. Kyosho also produces highly detailed die-cast model cars.

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