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Hobbywing XeRun AXE Plus R3 ESC w/ AXE550L 3300KV R2 Motor

XeRun AXE Plus R3 ESC w/ AXE550L 3300KV R2 Motor
XeRun AXE Plus R3 ESC w/ AXE550L 3300KV R2 Motor
XeRun AXE Plus R3 ESC w/ AXE550L 3300KV R2 Motor
XeRun AXE Plus R3 ESC w/ AXE550L 3300KV R2 Motor
XeRun AXE Plus R3 ESC w/ AXE550L 3300KV R2 Motor
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Yau Ma Tei / Yuen Long

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This is Hobbywing XeRun AXE Plus R3 ESC w/ AXE550L 3300KV R2 Motor. The XeRun AXE R3 is equipped with a FOC drive system. The large torque and excellent linearity when operating at low speed further exceeds ordinary brushless power systems and out performs brushed power systems. The XeRun AXE R3 is nearly silent, and it’s the perfect choice for crawling vehicles. Smart torque output, easy to control. The ESC automatically increases the torque output to overcome resistance and accelerate up the hill. The ESC is powerful, with excellent linear control, which can meet the needs of the vehicle's low-speed climbing while also meeting the needs of violent start-up lifting, straight-line high speed, etc. The fan starts to operate automatically ONLY when the ESC temperature reaches the preset value. The smart start and stop function of the fan helps to save power, reduce noise, and also ensures that the ESC works in a good temperature range. The AXE R3 brushless system is now IP67 protected. It has excellent waterproofing and dust-proofing performance to cope with various climatic conditions. It has a built-in powerful BEC with a maximum output current of 15A. The voltage is switchable between 6V/7.4V/8.4V and is suitable for various standard/high-voltage servos and peripheral electrical equipment on the market (such as light sets, winches, etc.). The ESC has a built-in Bluetooth module. Parameter settings, data reading, firmware upgrade and other operations can be achieved by connecting the device to the mobile APP. Connect the ESC to the HW Link mobile app and turn on the real-time data function. You are able to view throttle, voltage, current, temperature, speed and other data in real time, and obtain the ESC and motor operating status with ease. The ESC has a built in data rcoerdind module. Store up to 10 minutes of your most recent run. Using the HW Link V2saved to the ESC. saved to the ESC. In addition,the module allows you to view Time Data from the ESC for bench top testing and viewing of the data outputs. Achieve real-time ESC parameter adjustments using the I-BUS2 Telemetry on the Flysky NB4 controllers. Additionally, the data return function has been implemented to the Flysky NB4 remote controllers. You will be able to view data such as; battery voltage, motor speed, operating current, ESC/motor temperature, etc in real time on the remote control.


  • For:  1/10,1/8,1/6 Rock Crawler

  • Material: Metal

  • Color: Black


  • Cont./Peak Current: 135A/600A

  • Input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo

  • BEC BEC Output: Switch Mode 6V/7.4V/8.4V @6A

  • Extreme value: Supported

  • Real-time Data: Supported

  • Historical data (Graph): Supported

  • Size: 49.5*37.9*32.8mm(Height with fan)

  • Weight: 126.5g(Including the weight of input line)


  • Hobbywing XeRun AXE Plus R3 ESC w/ AXE550L 3300KV R2 Motor (1 set)

Store AvailabilityYau Ma Tei
Store AvailabilityYuen Long
Motor KV3000 KV
Motor TypeBrushless
Sensor TypeSensored

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