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15 Oct Xpress V3 競賽用遙控車像膠車胎
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Xpress 1/10競賽用遙控車像膠車胎連碟軨Xpress 1:10 遙控車用像膠車胎已經可以喺 rcMart 買到喇..
11 Sep Lolo Sam joins Xpress
admin 0 69
have added all-round nice guy and multi-class talent, Felix ..
09 Sep Xpress 推出1/10房車用柱軨
admin 0 82
Xpress 推出1/10房車用柱軨,採用新的配方製造,改善了軟硬度,特別適合GT競賽車殼和FWD前驅房車車殼使用,仿真..
04 Sep Xray X4, the New RC Touring Car Platform
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XRAY 即將推出全新Touring遙控車車架X4以取代現有嘅T4系列。好多XRAY 廠車手試過車都話架車嘅新元素令架車..
15 Apr Traxxas New Ver. of 4-Tec 3.0 with CHEVROLET CORVETTE STINGRAY body
ronald 0 514
Speed. Power. Performance. Innovation. These are the hallmar..
16 Mar New Tamiya R/C Touring Chassis peek preview [58693 TA08-PRO]
ronald 0 991
2021.03.15比較清楚的官方影片 TA08 PRO預計 2021年6月發貨!    價格31,000日元https..
25 Feb 2021年財政預算案增加汽車首次登記稅15%,並增加私家車牌費30%,遙控車不受影響。
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28 Aug Felix joins Xpress
admin 0 127
have added all-round nice guy and multi-class talent, Felix ..
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