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Blog - 越野車

06 Oct 入門遙控越野車推介 | Traxxas Slash 2WD
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19 Sep RC Cars Display at our Retail Shops
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如果師兄想玩遙控車又唔知點入手,歡迎過嚟我地元朗店或油麻地店搵我地同事介紹吓!油麻地店嘅展示車比較多,特別係 Traxx..
25 Jun TAMIYA 田宮雙星全新遙控四驅越野車車架 TD4 Super Avante
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TAMIYA 田宮雙星全新遙控車車架 TD4 Super Avante田宮官方終於發佈更多資訊喇!田宮宣布推出全新 1/..
17 Mar 帶錢打工系列, Peter 同佢架阿蘇士 RC8B3.2E
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[帶錢打工系列]早幾日Peter自己開咗部蘇屎8仔四驅 Buggy去玩,佢話好易砌!就喺尋日,架車已經喺月野倉度飛緊!到..
26 Feb Radio Control Car's Wheels Brand Introduction
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聽好多新入坑既朋友講,好多時佢地岩岩開始玩,就一味追求 "快",係唔係快就代表好玩呢?其實要玩車玩得過癮,我建議先求穩再..
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