Yeah Racing 為田宮模型 Tamiya XV-01開發的全套鋁製 XV-01 遙控車升級改件。YR 將底盤上最重要的零件升級為鋁製,讓車架更耐用、更結構更精準!前保險槓中隨附的風扇支架更可用於冷卻摩打,增加散熱效能。

A full set of Yeah Racing aluminum upgrade parts for Tamiya's XV-01, upgrading the most essential parts on the chassis to aluminum for a more durable and precise car! With the included fan mount in the front bumper for cooling down your motor.

不同寬度的鋁製懸掛支架,提供了不同的搖臂角度和 Toe-in。 #TAXV-011BU
Aluminum suspension mount #TAXV-011BU in all different widths for getting different arm angles and toe-in's.

於前懸架,YR 引入了轉向節 # TAXV-008BK 和下臂 # TAXV-001BK,令車架更耐用和提供了更直接的懸架設置。
For the front suspension, YR have introduced both the steering knuckle #TAXV-008BK and lower arm #TAXV-001BK for a more durable and direct suspension setup.

接下來是 YR的前置摩打散熱器 # TAXV-006BU 和 風扇支架,它連接到鋁製摩打Mount,增加了散熱能力。
Next up is YR front motor heatsink #TAXV-006BU and fan mount, as this attaches onto the aluminum motor mount plate it also increases the heat dissipating capabilities.

鋁製前油壓板 #TAXV-004BU 還可用作底盤支架,防止底盤彎曲變型
Aluminum front shock tower #T AXV-004BU acting also as a chassis brace to keep the chassis from flexing.

尾 Hubs  #TAXV-007BK 和 後下臂 # TAXV-002BK 保持懸架與前部的平衡。
Rear hubs # TAXV-007BK and Rear Lower Arms # TAXV-002BK keep the suspension balanced to the front with matching aluminum upgrades.

Last but not least is the rear shock tower which ties the complete upgrade series together. Similar to the front shock tower, the rear tower also offers a reinforcement to the chassis.

對於想要一次性升級所有東西的人,YR 還有一個鋁製必備品升級套件
For people who want to upgrade everything in one go, YR also have an Aluminum Essentials Upgrade Kit

產品編號 Model :  # TAXV-S01BU/BK

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