Yeah Racing 龍捲風Twistex shrouded高性能散熱風扇,Tornado系列產品的升級。適用於電動房車,尤其適合高溫作賽使用,獨特的遮罩設計,能夠更直接將氣流導入並帶走熱量。底部附有坑槽設計,能夠方便埋線,讓車架更整潔。

有請我地rcMart 油麻地店店長飛仔為我地介紹呢把新 YR 風扇!

更多遙控車用散熱同風扇,盡在香港電波模型 rcMart

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Introducing the Twistex shrouded cooling fan! An upgrade to the Tornado Series of Cooling Fans, designed specifically for competition touring cars motors which reach high temperatures! Features a groove in the bottom to allow for routing the cable on either sides for clean installations. Paired with stealthy black wires for that pro factory look! Specially designed shroud to direct airflow and dissipate heat. Channel underneath allows user to route wires from both the left and right of the fan depending on the chassis!

Yan Cheung reviewed the Yeah Racing Twistex Shrouded 30mm Cooling Fan!

生產商 : Yeah Racing
Model No: YA-0611