XPRESS New Chassis-Execute MF1 Is On Sale Now!

Xpress Execute MF1 1/10 Competition Mid Mount FWD Touring Car hits the store shelves!
A new thing is coming to kickstart your new year! A new car kit from Xpress, the Execute MF1 brings modern features to the FWD class. Redesigning key components to make them better suited for the needs of a good FWD chassis! Don’t miss it!

Xpress Execute MF1's Videos

【2023.01.12】Eric and Chauman are going to talk about the differences between MF1 and the previous FWD models! [Eng Sub]

【2023.01.10】Xpress Execute MF1 Hits The Road! Let's take a look at its driving performance!

【2023.01.09】Let take a closer look at the new chassis from Xpress, the Execute MF1!

【2023.01.05】Carven, the designer of Xpress, is going to explain what is so special about the Execute MF1 FWD Touring Car! [Cantonese]

【2022.12.29】Keith is going to introduce the new chassis from Xpress, the Execute MF1 in detail! [English]

Xpress Execute MF1 Features

  • Redesigned Steering Rack, allowing the electronics to be as forwards as possible

  • Belt tensioner reducing the chance of belt skipping to a minimum

  • Motor as close to the centerline as possible for perfect left-right balance

  • Narrow Bulkhead width for improved flex characteristics

  • Two-level rear flex adjustment for fine-tuning chassis handling

  • Low profile Upper Bulkheads for lower CG

  • Redesigned Differential Case

  • Wide range of Gear Ratios achievable with specially designed motor mount

  • Low mounted swaybars for a larger effect

  • Updated steering geometry for a quicker steering response

  • Integrated Brass weights in the bumper

  • Hard Suspension Plastics included

  • Spring Loaded Battery Mount

  • Low profile long travel shocks

  • Aluminum Differential Outdrives

    Xpress Execute MF1 Car Frame Close-Up

    Xpress Execute MF1 Lastest News

    【29.12.2022】Manual for the upcoming Execute MF1 now online!

    【27.12.2022】For our Execute MF1 we have chosen to narrow the width at which the bulkheads are mounted for better grip in this kind of configuration of motor layout!

    【25.12.2022】Specifically designed motor mount to bring the motor closest to the centerline as possible for easy to balance left and right weight balance!

    【24.12.2022】Taking the system from our Arrow AT1, we have incorporated low mounted swaybars for quicker engagement of the roll bar for a more predictable handling characteristic.

    【23.12.2022】Lightweight aluminum outdrives will come standard on our Execute MF1, giving you better acceleration and braking responsiveness!

    【23.12.2022】Some of you guessed it, the Execute MF1 will be a mid mount 1/10 FWD tourer. The car was completely redesigned compared to our XQ10 Mid conversion car. We will be releasing more photos over the course of Christmas!

    【22.12.2022】To kick things off, our Execute MF1 will be running low-profile bulkheads for a more steady-handling car!

    【21.12.2022】Here's the uncensored version of the logo of Xpress's upcoming car! Check back tomorrow for a chassis pic!

    【20.12.2022】Something new is coming to kickstart your new year! More information coming soon.

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