Traxxas TRX-4 Defender D90 全新顏色即將登場!

飛仔手上部 TRX-4 隻顏色係咪好靚仔呢?  Traxxas 即將為 TRX-4 Defender D90 推出 沙色 (Desert Tan),預計 2022年1月底會有第一批大貨到香港。我地已經安排咗展示車去油麻地同元朗店,各位師兄路過就入去流吓口水啦~!   

全新的 "沙色” 車身顏色更易融入戶外環境

如果您一直有關注 Traxxas TRX-4 RTR 但銀灰色或紅色車身顏色唔啱你口味,咁呢個 “沙色” 車身顏色選項,你又點睇呢? 呢個車身顏色令到鐘意改車嘅師兄帶嚟更多想像空間,帶嚟更多樂趣。

雖然顏色係新的,但車架就冇任何變化,都係以廣受好評的 TRX-4 底盤平台。TRX-4 車架能提供有趣的遙控爬行體驗。

Blend into your surroundings with the new body color "Desert Tan". If you've seen the Traxxas  RTR but didn't like Silver or red body colors, this rig now offers a third body color option, "Desert Tan". In addition to the two primary colors, this third body color can allow for interesting and unique customization efforts.

Although the color is new, there is no change under the body. The TRX still delivers an enjoyable R/C exploration experience thanks to its well-received chassis platform. This rig 's new color option only opens the door to more creative ways to customize this RTR.


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