6S動力極限發揮 Traxxas Sledge 1/8 大轆遙控車 RTR | Traxxas 1/8 Sledge Offroad Monster 95076-4

Traxxas Sledge 95076-4


Sledge 透過合適尺寸的全鋼傳動系統引發爆炸性 6s 無刷動力,該傳動系統專為最大強度和最長壽命而設計。大型鋼製齒輪和久經考驗的四齒差速器將動力傳遞至高強度鋼製傳動軸。車頭使用平穩的 CV 萬向節,中心軸配有潤滑油和防塵保護套的驅動杯,可實現低溫運行、持久性能。它是 Sledge 的卓越設計和合適尺寸的全鋼傳動系統,讓您忘記耐用性的擔憂,專注於塵土飛揚的奔馳、高空跳躍和全速狂奔。

Bigger gears. More steel. Basically bombproof.

Sledge channels explosive 6s brushless power through a properly sized all-steel driveline that is engineered for maximum strength and long life. Massive steel gears and proven 4-gear differentials transfer the power to high-strength steel driveshafts. Smooth-running CV joints are used in front and the center shafts feature greased and boot-protected drive cups for cool-running, long-lasting performance. It's Sledge's superior design and properly sized all-steel driveline that lets you forget about durability worries and focus on dirt-roosting launches, sky-high jumps, and all-out speed runs.


  • 扭力偏置中心驅動 Torque-Biasing Center Drive
  • 超大鋼齒輪 Oversize steel gears
  • 實心鋼傳動軸貫穿全車 Solid steel driveshafts throughout
  • 前CV萬向節傳動軸 Front CV universal-joint driveshafts
  • 受保護的中心驅動杯 Boot-protected center drive cups
  • 精密橡膠密封軸承 Precision rubber-sealed bearings
  • 鋁製 17mm 花型六角 Machined aluminum 17mm splined hex hubs
  • 重量級差速器 Super-Duty differentials
    • 四個蜘蛛齒輪 Four spider gears
    • 重型輸出齒輪 Heavy-duty output gears
    • 鋼加強板 Steel reinforcing plates
    • X 形環輸出密封件 X-ring output seals
    • 高性能的矽油 Performance-tuned silicone fluid


傳統的 1/8 比例中央差速器很容易被 6s 的動力摧毀,並在加速時將負荷轉移至前輪。Sledge 沒有這個問題。 Sledge 的扭力偏置中心驅動器充滿了超厚的矽油和堅固的齒輪,可將動力均勻地分配到四個車輪。這有助於消除輪胎膨脹並讓您穩定控制。中心驅動器的鋼製正齒輪、加固外殼和四個鋼製星形齒輪確保了 6s LiPo 動力的長期強度和可靠續航力。

Torque-Biasing Center Drive

Traditional 1/8 scale center differentials are easily overwhelmed by 6s power and “unload” to the front wheels when accelerating. Sledge doesn't have that problem. Sledge's Torque Biasing Center Drive is filled with ultra-thick silicone fluid and robust gears to distribute power evenly to all four wheels. This helps to eliminate tire ballooning and keeps you in control. The center drive’s steel spur gear, reinforced case, and four steel spider gears ensure long-term strength and reliability with 6s LiPo power.

Traxxas Sledge 95076-4


Sledge 的中心和外部驅動軸均為實心鋼,即使在高抓地力或崎嶇地形下,也能承受可怕的 6s 動力。中心驅動杯由接頭上的橡膠保護,以密封油脂防止灰塵和碎石進入。

Steel Driveshafts Throughout

Sledge’s center and outer driveshafts are all solid steel to withstand brutal 6s power no matter how hard you drive, even in high-traction conditions and rough terrain. The center drive cups are protected by rubber boots on the joints to seal grease in and keep dirt and debris out.

Traxxas Sledge 95076-4


Sledge 使用真正的 6s 差速器來處理其凶猛的力量。 Sledge 的環形齒輪和小齒輪比傳統的 1/8 部件大 20% 以上,厚 75%,以提供持久的性能。在差速器的加固外殼內,四個鋼製星形齒輪和高粘度矽油為真正的 6s 動力提供了強度和性能的完美平衡。

Steel Gear Differentials

Sledge uses true 6s differentials to handle its ferocious power. Sledge’s ring and pinion gears are over 20% larger and 75% thicker than traditional 1/8 components for lasting performance. Inside the differential’s reinforced case, four steel spider gears and high-viscosity silicone fluid provide the perfect balance of strength and performance for true 6s power.

Traxxas Sledge 95076-4

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