Rêve D RDX - Rêve D 首架遙控飄移遙控車

2023.01.07 更新
新返ReveD 1/10 RDX RWD 漂移車 RKD-RDX! 佢標榜高控制性能同強大駕駛性能!零件採用輕量硬淨嘅碳纖樹脂混合物製作,容易組裝又唔易爛。通過固定臂同橫拉桿,初學者只要按照說明書組裝都可以完全重現漂移駕駛嘅最佳對齊方式!唔需要任何複雜嘅調整嫁~所以無論係新手定老手都可以享受漂移嘅樂趣,唔好錯過喇

2022.10.14  更新
Rêve D 的首款原創 RWD 漂移車套件 “RDX” 將於 2022 年 11 月底發售!

無論技術、路面狀況或賽道佈局如何,都能始終如一地實現高控制性能和強勁駕駛的 “RDX” 採用了易於組裝且不易損壞的輕質高剛性石墨複合樹脂部件。通過固定臂和拉桿,即使是第一次製作遙控車的用戶也可以完全再現漂移駕駛的最佳對準,只需按照說明手冊進行組裝,無需任何困難的調整。電池可配短電池(橫/豎/薄/厚)、長電池,幾乎所有目前在售的1/10比例漂移類電池。試試RC漂移車套件“RDX”,它可以感受RWD漂移趨勢的新標準,也可以讓廣大初學者到高級用戶享受


◆ Product name : RWD Drift Car Kit RD
◆ Product Code:RKD-RDX
◆ Price without tax:28,300 JPY

The Rêve D's first original RWD drift car kit "RDX" finally will be released at the end of November 2022

The "RDX", which achieves consistently high control performance and powerful driving regardless of skill, road surface conditions, or course layout, uses lightweight and highly rigid graphite composite resin parts that are both easy to assemble and difficult to break. By making the arms and tie rods fixed, even users who are making RC cars for the first time can completely reproduce the optimum alignment for drift driving just by assembling according to the instruction manual without any difficult adjustments. The battery can be equipped with short batteries (horizontal/vertical/thin/ thick), long batteries, and almost all batteries currently on sale for the 1/10 scale drift category. Try the RC drift car kit "RDX", which could feel the new standard of RWD drift trends but also can be enjoyed by a wide range of beginners to advanced users


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