MST E30RB Pandem Rocket Bunny 1/10 遙控車車殼

經過咗不斷改良同改進,MST 終於宣佈推出 E30RB 1/10 遙控車車殼!  同時亦推出以呢個款為題的 RTR 遙控車!
After continuous refinement and reintegration, MST announced the release of their E30RB Body!

PANDEM Rocket Bunny authorized
Wheelbase: 257mm
F/R width: 194/ 197mm

Launch schedule of MST E30RB series

532183H FXX 2.0 S RWD Drift Kit (E30RB) Est. release in July
533823C RMX 2.0 RTR E30RB (clear) (brushless) Est. release in Aug
533823DB RMX 2.0 RTR E30RB (dark blue) (brushless) Est. release in Aug
533823GR RMX 2.0 RTR E30RB (grey) (brushless) Est. release in Aug
720022 MST E30RB body (clear) Est. release in Sept


MST 全線遙控模型車產品

遙控模型車車殼 & 周邊



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