Xpress 在 2021年9月底推出了 Dragnalo DR1S 直線加速遙控車!  有個 "S" 字代表 Sport 版本,售價會好親民同具有競賽入門質素。Drag Racing 現在在美國非常流行,經常有比賽及相關活動,非常受歡迎。在香港玩 Drag 既地方同人都唔多,暫時未太流行。即使唔玩 Drag,都可以用佢嚟玩 Super Power!! 即係將D 大動力既電子設備放上車,在遙控車賽道上極速行走!

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Felix Law 介紹 DR1S 特別之處

香港遙控車知名車手 Felix Law 為大家講下呢度 DR1S 有咩咁特別!   唔講唔知,呢架車由現在身在美國嘅 Felix Law 協助開發同測試,包括 Drag 以及 Super Power 兩種玩法。開發時間接近一年,試試改改,解決哂所有問題先推出市場。

美國直路狂野加速,這個新玩法 & 新熱潮, 在疫情時令遙控車起死回生!吸引了不少新人進入遙控車界 RC Xpress Dragnalo DR1S 進攻時速最快的狂野加速車類。這車架更能負荷比一般市面上車種倍增級數的馬力。這視頻是介紹這車架的特色,希望大家喜歡!

香港遙控車知名車手 Felix Law 為大家講下呢度 DR1S 有咩咁特別 (廣東話版本):- 

香港遙控車知名車手 Felix Law 為大家講下呢度 DR1S 有咩咁特別 (英文版):- 

Felix Law:

//Spending a lot of time and effort on this project in the past months, We finally were able to launch this project. Special thanks to the entire team of R&D group from xpress to make this happen. Thanks to them for listening to Unknown feedback in order to build a car that is out of their normal comfort zone.

I really do hope this project do well and be successful 

Here is the brand new Xpress DR1S. First time into drag racing with such a direction many wouldn't expect. This car really is the game changer due to the entrée price point and the amount of features you get. It's a no brainer choice for those who do some 1.4 sec pass down your 132 ft drag strip. With those not so much into Drag racing, this is an amazing fun car on the circuit as well. With the ability to get maximum grip from foam tires and the craving for high power motors/ batteries. you can now have a chassis that can handle all these power and not just restricted to 2s for circuit racing.//


Xpress Dragnalo DR1S was designed to handle power thrown at it much higher than the traditional 2s LiPo and 540 sized motors. From Circuit racing to Drag racing and 2s lipo to 6s lipo, the drivetrain was designed to deal with all of these high powered systems with your choice of 540 or 1/8 scale application motors!

一車兩味 : Drag & Super Power

Xpress 大師兄秋文早前都有在 TRC 遙控車場測試 Dragnalo DR1S 的強大動力!

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