rcMart 代言人日本多次世界冠軍 Atsushi Hara 原篤志先生 於2020年1月底黎左香港。佢因行主要目的係推廣遙控車文化並同佢香港嘅粉絲會面。我地和Hara一齊做野好關心,佢仲幫我地做左 D產品介紹、一日商務助理等,期待下次佢再黎香港再見! 先睇睇佢呢轉行程做左D乜啦!

rcMart Spokesman @Atsushi hara visited Hong Kong in the end of Jan 2020 for promoting RC culture and meet the local RC fans. We had a fun time with Hara at work. Such as Fans Meeting, Product Introduction, One Day Store Associate, etc Hope to see you soon next time.  Let's check out the flash look of the trip!