Yokomo | Rookie Drift RD2.0 Drift Car

A new basic machine “Rookie Speed ​​RD2.0” released by Yokomo, a pioneer of drift radio control. With a design concept that emphasizes ease of driving, we have raised the base specs by improving the turning angle and ensuring rear grip so that even those who are trying out drift radio control for the first time can enjoy it.

The chassis configuration is also designed with future expansion in mind, and can be customised with optional parts. In addition to the standard assembly kit, a value-priced kit with a YG-302V2 steering gyro will also be available, ideal for first-time drift RC challengers.


● New gearbox (4 gears)

● Front sus mount (43.5mm)

● Rear mount for new short rear suspension arm

● New main chassis with standard rear short arm

● New upper deck

● New battery holder (for short and standard)

● New steering wiper and steering rack

● New rear ESC mount as standard equipment

● New front knuckle (using SD2.0 standard)

● New rear hub (using SD2.0 standard)

● Revised gearbox position

● New front suspension arms (with 4.5mm rods)

● New front upper arm

The cutting angle is further increased compared to the previous model, and the drift angle control width is increased to prevent spin.

A steering setting that extends the wiper arm and provides the latest Ackermann ratio. It is difficult to break even when driving at an angle with a high cutting angle.

The steering servo is mounted horizontally in the orthodox manner, but conversions such as a slide rack set and rear servo mounting are also planned to be released as options.

Adopts a new steering block with zero trail. The position of the steering stopper has also been optimized, achieving both honest steering characteristics and increased steering angle.

Compatible with standard size and short size by replacing the battery holder. You can also adjust the thickness of the battery by simply flipping the stopper over.

A new gear case with a 4-gear transmission that increases rear traction during acceleration. It is sealed and highly dustproof, and the motor mount can be rotated to finely adjust the weight balance.

A rear hub carrier that maximizes rear grip by setting the dogbone angle.

A newly designed rear suspension mount lowers the gearbox to the rearmost position, improving traction. The newly adopted short suspension arm also allows for optimal grip on low-grip roads.

Rear ESC mount is standard equipment. Considering not only weight distribution but also wiring to the motor will bring great benefits.

The differential can be accessed by simply removing the rear bulk cap. It also makes gear differential settings and ball differential maintenance easier.

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