Yokomo | YZ-834B Dogfighter, the First 4WD Buggy Set RE-RELEASE

Yokomo’s First 4WD Buggy Set, YZ-834B Dogfighter re-release!

YZ-834B Dogfighter is under development! In response to requests from many users, Yokomo has decided to re-release their first 4WD off-road car, the YZ-834B Dogfighter! Based on a resin main chassis, it features a distinctive chain-driven 4WD system, front and rear mono shocks, front double wishbone suspension, rear trailing arms, and more, allowing you to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the time. Of course, spare parts are also provided so that you can enjoy driving it properly, and you can fully experience the excitement of a representative off-road car from the 1980s. More information will be released, stay tuned!

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