Xtreme | ARIA 1/8 越野遙控車車殼 Offroad Bodyshell

Xtreme Aerodynamics 最新推出 Aria 1/8 越野遙控車殼! Xtreme 首款1 /8 越野車殼-Aria!佢係空氣動力學細節同模型平衡方面都提高咗遙控越野車嘅性能,分別有輕量同埋超輕量 lexan 版本。可針對 Associated RC8B4、HB Racing D8 WORLD、Mugen Seiki MBX8R、Serpent SRX8PRO、Sworkz S35-4EVO 同埋 Xray XB823 進行預先切割。點解要選擇 ARIA?因為 ARIA 好跑囉!請繼續留意我哋嘅返貨日期啦!

We introduce you a new Bodyshell: 1/8 OffRoad ARIA! After several months of hard work with our R&D department we are able to show a new 1/8 OffRoad Bodyshell who moves up the standard of performance in terms of Aero details and Model Balancing.  Why ARIA? Because it is simply necessary to go better, to go faster!


Xtreme Aerodynamics 遙控車車殼