Xtreme Aerodynamics Mach1 (1/10 EP class)

沒有最好,只有更好!Xtreme Aerodynamics 又有新 1:10 EP Touring Car 遙控車殼推出!

繼之前三殼受歡迎1:10 TC 跑殼 Twister、Twister Speciale、Brutale 之後,Xtreme 廠方都冇停過,繼續精益求精去鑽研唔同場地使用嘅車殼,以適應所有賽道情況!  呢次推出嘅車殼叫做 MACH1,有請 Xray 廠手一哥兼世界頂尖的車手 Bruno Coehlo 同大家介紹吓 呢隻 MACH1 有咩咁特別! 去片.... 

Xtreme Aerodynamics have shown the first photo of their all-new 190mm touring car body, which they are calling the Mach1. The new body sports a much more aggressive front end compared to others on the market with a large front lip and newly shaped wheel arches that allow the airflow to be channeled to the rear of the car which itself has gotten lots of attention with fine details. Bruno Coelho did a video on the new body which best explains the new details and how that translates to on-track performance. 

點解要選擇 Xtreme車殼呢?

Xtreme車殼有好多國際冠軍級車手都選用參加各大小賽事,因為 Xtreme 在設計同用料都花咗唔小功夫,所以獲得世界各地遙控車頂級車手肯定!  近年好多香港1:10 EP賽事,都有極多 A組車手選用 Xtreme 車殼!


Xtreme Aerodynamics 車殼

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About Xtreme Aerodynamics:

Xtreme Aerodynamics is a leading company in the polycarbonate bodies for RC cars field. Able to count on a more-than-twenty-year experience built on the World's tracks. Xtreme Aerodynamics team developed and produced high-performance bodies, which are now available in the laser pre-cut version for the most widespread cars. The trust Xtreme Aerodynamics receives from some of the best on-road international drivers is one of their best business cards, and Xtreme Aerodynamics strives every day so that our products do justice to that image.