Xpress | Yugo won Japan HobbyWing SuperGT Championship-Kyushu Tournament!

RC Xpress Driver from Japan, Yugo Nagashima recently participated in the Japan HobbyWing SuperGT Championship-Kyushu Tournament Round 1!

He was in good form and successfully won the championship with his XQ10R. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Yugo for winning the championship! (Thrilling for both Yugo and the cameraman)

Yugo got the new car XQ11 a few days ago, so this time he decided to run this race with his familiar XQ10R!

After Yugo finishes testing the XQ11, he will use the new XQ11 to participate in other races!

Japan HobbyWing SuperGT Championship

The 2023 HobbyWing RC SuperGT Championship features regional races. The top 3 competitors in each local competition (4WD/FWD) will be the representatives of the national competition.

Kyushu Tournament Rd1

Date: September 3 (Sunday)

Venue: Racing Circuit Park in Otsu Town, Kumamoto Prefecture

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