Team Associated RC10T 要復刻嗎?

AE 的 RC10T 經典遙控卡車要復刻嗎?一定會,除非……………………唔會!

是咁的,在2024年5月20日晚有網友在AE網站發現了 RC10T 的頁面,隨即 Screen Capture 咗,再發圖片及產品網址連結上社交媒體討論。但其他網友均表示到訪不了該頁面,似乎該頁面在不應該的情況下上了線,再被網站管理員急急從 AE的網站上刪除或不於網站顯示。睇返圖片文字內容,RC10T似乎真的要復刻了!相信這個也是慶祝AE 60周年的其中一個項目,但一切也要等待官方稍後正式公布為準!

第一代RC10T 是在1991年發怖,1992年初開售;及後再繼續推出第同系新車型!  更多關於RC10T 的早期發展可以瀏覽 Live RC 在 2018年的一篇舊文章:
Flashback Friday: A Complete Timeline of Team Associated RC10T Stadium Trucks

About RC10T Team Kit 1991

This vehicle has been discontinued. From the #7035 Team Truck manual:

Team Associated's RC10 2WD car has won three IFMAR World Championships, including the 1991 race in Detroit, MI. For the IFMAR Worlds held in Australia, in 1989, AE had developed a new transmission called the Stealth transmission. This Stealth tranny was also used in the '91 race in Detroit. At the 1990 ROAR Nationals in Livermore, CA, the RC10 finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd using the Stealth transmission. AE latest RC10, the Team Car, after its release in 1991, has already won the '91 and '92 NORRCA Nationals and the 1993 ROAR Nationals. A bushing or bearing version of the Stealth transmission is now included as standard in all of our current off-road kits.

AE used the same World Championship-winning design concepts to engineer a whole new vehicle, the RC10T Truck. With the truck now being out for over a year, Brian Kinwald used his RC10T to win both the 1991 & 1992 NORRCA Nationals against all the other newly marketed trucks. And Mark Pavidis won the 1992 ROAR Truck Nationals. In the truck, AE used a few important parts from the Team Car. AE used the best transmission in the world: the Stealth tranny. AE  also used the best shocks in the world, their new and improved hard anodized PTFE-coated race-winning shocks. Plus another of our speed secrets, our aluminum chassis, all from our Team Car. AE Team drivers have tested both the aluminum and graphite chassis extensively, and they've all learned that they're getting their best lap times wit the standard aluminum chassis.

With the release of our new Team Truck the average driver is now able to get a truck with all of the new parts our racers have been testing for us since the release of the truck.

RC10 T Features
- New shock pistons
- New heavy-duty shock towers
- Stealth Transmission - the best!
- New universal dogbone rear axles with new rear arm mounts and hub carriers
- Lightweight one-piece front and rear wheels
- high-bite, multi-surface wide front tires
- Black anodized chassis
- 30 deg. caster front carrier blocks
- Heavy-duty front and rear arms
- Championship-winning, hard-anodized, PTFE-coated shocks
- New, slightly narrower body


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