Apex2 Hoonicorn RTR 遙控車

Team Associated 同 Hoonigan 合作嘅 1/10 Apex2 Hoonicorn RTR 四驅平路遙控車 30124,使用 Apex2 底盤配備封閉式中心傳動系統,螺紋液壓避震器,前後獨立臂懸架增加或者減少後抓著力,仲有官方授權嘅 American Racing VF503 車輪,Turbo,比例制動rotor等等,保持穩定可靠嘅行車表現! 新車以 RTR (Ready To Run) 形式推出,唔駛砌,開盒入電就玩得

This is Team Associated 1/10 4WD Apex2 Hoonicorn RTR EP w/ 2.4 GHz Radio. Team Associated is excited to partner with Hoonigan to bring you their world-famous Hoonicorn in radio-controlled form. Built on the new Apex2 chassis, the Team Associated Hoonigan Hoonicorn is a tire-slaying beast! The engineers at Team Associated spent countless hours capturing many of the details synonymous with the 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonigan Hoonicorn. Features including officially licensed American Racing VF503 Wheels, rear diffuser, molded intake and turbos, scale brake rotors, and more! The Hoonigan Hoonicorn Apex2 chassis is equipped with the latest features for on road racing. A front and rear independent suspension with threaded, oil-filled shocks and active rear toe give the Apex2 the ultimate in handling on an uneven tarmac. This makes it a perfect platform for the Hoonicorn and tire-shredding action!

Ford Motor Company Trademarks and Trade Dress used under license to Associated Electrics Inc.
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