Tamiya 64441 R/C Guide Book Volume 20 (2022 Autumn-Winter)

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田宮 RC Guide book Vol.20 2022 秋冬季已經出版。精選了多款田宮的主要的 RC 模型,包括可以在任何地方行駛的遙控越野車、可以享受高速駕駛的標準 Touring Car 和方程式賽車、動力強勁的大尺寸坦克和拖頭車,以及備受矚目的三輪遙控車。另外還包括了田宮的主要 RC 遙控模型,例如開箱即用的成品模型 XB。此外,田宮還發布了將於冬季發布的新產品。如果您使用智能手機或手機讀取二維碼,您可以立即查看 RC 視頻和詳細信息。在RC入門指南中,田宮將介紹Grasshopper這款深受喜愛多年的基礎款越野車的裝扮和調校,造型可愛。此外,它還包含享受 RC 生活的信息,例如田宮 RC Live,它通過視頻和 SNS 發佈各種活動和最新信息。此外,在書的最後,我們還介紹了全國的愛好商店和田宮的RC電路。全彩色 A4 尺寸,全部 38 頁,數量充足。

// Tamiya RC Guidebook Vol.20 2022 AUTUMN-WINTER, which carefully selected Tamiya’s major RC models, is published. A wide variety of lineups, including off-road cars that can be run anywhere, standard touring cars and formula cars that you can enjoy high-speed driving, powerful tanks and trailer trucks with big size, and 3-wheel RC that is attracting attention for cornering by tilting the car body. , Includes Tamiya’s major RC models such as the finished model XB that can be played right out of the box. In addition, we also posted new products that will be released by winter. Also, if you read the QR code with your smartphone or mobile phone, you can immediately check the RC video and detailed information. And in the RC start guide, we will introduce the dress-up and tune-up of Grasshopper, a basic buggy that has been loved for many years with a cute style. In addition, it is packed with information to enjoy RC life, such as Tamiya RC Live, which delivers various events and the latest information in videos, and posts using SNS. In addition, at the end of the book, we also introduced hobby shops nationwide and Tamiya’s RC circuit. All color A4 size, all 38 pages with plenty of volumes. // 

The 4WD racing buggy, the TT-02B chassis model, which features an easy-to-assemble body structure and easy-to-maneuver, introduces a wide variety of optional parts along with the lineup.

The DT-03 chassis model is the perfect 2WD buggy for beginners. Also, pay attention to the model with big tires and the nostalgic reprint buggy.

Off-road cars that can run anywhere are attractive with a wide variety of variations. A big tire model, a crawler model, and a CC-02 chassis model with a realistic body and cross-country driving are also posted.

The top of the new product introduction is McLaren Senna, a supersport named after the legendary F1 racer. The dynamic and complex aerodynamic form is realistically reproduced with polycarbonate. The chassis adopts TT-02 which is easy to maneuver.

The TT-02 chassis, which features sharp driving, joins the Super GT champion machine and rally base vehicle. In addition, the high-performance buggy Egress, which appeared in 1989, will be revived with special specifications.

The RC start guide is a custom grasshopper, a famous car that is widely popular from beginners to veterans due to its easy-to-handle driving performance. We will introduce how to apply a unique and vivid original color and how to light tune on a two-page spread.

Source:  Tamiya Blog , Tamiya Japan

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